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What Impact Did Today’s Venus Retrograde Have On Us?

By Souls of Silver

We all thought that the article series on Venus Retrograde has already come to an end but it seems that Venus still has a lot power within her to distribute among us.

The Venus Retrograde started from October 5th and will last till November 16 but there are a few milestones in the middle, especially October 26. On this day, Venus has embarked upon a new journey while being in retrograde.

In the morning she started her journey but as the evening approached, she turned into an evening star. As this happened, she lost her usual brightness because her moving towards being an evening sky signified her becoming a part of the underworld and a certain kind of death.

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Venus will, again, still be in retrograde even when she is passing through this process of death. After this is over, she will take a new birth and becomes our beloved morning star, the way we know her.

We all know that Venus concerns everything that has to do with our hearts and feelings. The retrograde is going to be a difficult time for all of us in this regard but as she takes a new birth and starts again, things will look up.

It will be a time to look within ourselves and realise what we truly want from our lives and our relationships and what we are doing wrong.

The position of Venus and its rebirth will be conducive to making things better as far as relationships are concerned.

Think about what you really want- openness, commitment, whatever it is. It is the right time to start working on it. There can be no growth without pain so if there is something that is hurting or bothering you and has to do with your love life, do not run away from it. Accept what is happening and try to learn from it; that is the only way to go.

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If there were any big decisions you have been scared of taking, now would be a good time for them as well.

Lastly, find it in yourself to fall in love with the magnificence that you are. That is what Venus teaches us-we can only love others when we love ourselves. It might seem difficult but you can do it.



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