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Virgo Full Moon: Change How You See The World

By Souls of Silver

The Full Moon in Virgo 2019 is all about realizing how much you have grown over the last few years. It is about measuring the changes that you brought forth. But most importantly, it is about living through these changes as the world around you keep evolving.


One has to realize that at this point, they are not the same pupae wrapped up in a cocoon waiting for its time to dive into the sun. You are not the same person anymore. Maturity came to you. You need to realize that everything that you once thought to be certain might not be so. This Virgo Full Moon is all about paradoxes. On one hand, you would rather deal with your mind than your heart. But on the other hand, you do realize that somewhere your mind is all foggy. You want to take decisions, but something isn’t letting you.

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What The Full Moon Brings?

And yet, this is the time. You are not on guard and you are not finicky. You are not impatient nor ignorant. Full Moons are always hubs of creativity and intelligence. Although, this moon is at its rawest stage right now in Virgo, it wouldn’t be too taxing as you try to delve yourself into everyday life. This might also help you to realize that maybe you aren’t really that dumb as you thought you were. Things might come easy to you and instead of being all prickly, you might actually want to stop and think, “What then, should I do?”

A Conjunction Of Ruling Planets

The position we are in is all a result of the intermixing of our ruling bodies. Mercury is in transit with Neptune, thus leading to a break in rational thought. This means that we are constantly in a state of trance where dreams and reality might be one and the same thing. So, even if you might think that you are taking rational decisions, it might not be so. You might simply be relying on intuition or plain telepathy.

The connection with Jupiter prior to this Full Moon is bound to make all of your reactions somewhat blown out of proportions. Also, the fog that we have been talking about since the beginning is going to be amped up a bit since most expressions and actions are governed by Jupiter.

A Change Of Perspective

What you must be aware of is that things are changing. How you behaved and dealt with situations before wouldn’t matter anymore. All it matters is that you are getting back up on your feet, and you need to make sure that you don’t fall back down. You would still be surrounded by obstacles, for that is life, but this learning curve would let you be resilient and indomitable.

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Mars leaving Aries and venturing into Taurus would result in slow but sure decisions. But primarily, he would ensure that everything is real. Our woes, our happiness, everything. Part of the reason why things will move slow is because it would allow us to feel every moment. To live every moment.

Interlinking Of Different Bodies

Mars will be crossing the degree that Uranus occupied. The Moon, on the other hand, is hours away from the degree of the Sun. Now, this would allow Mars to jolt Uranus’s breakthrough. On a secondary note, it would also lead to the Moon starting to assimilate and collect information while processing all of it.

We are reaping what we sowed last year, only that this instance we are ready for it. And in case you are simply satisfied, Mars would not let you sit idle. There are always a thousand more things to do. And if you think you are in a fix, Mars knows just the right things to do.

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