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Chiron In Aries: Face Your Past Wounds And Heal Them

By Souls of Silver

If we focus strictly on Greek Mythology, Chiron was a centaur. Also referred to as the ‘wisest and most just’ of all creatures. The media made us believe that centaurs are avid astrologers, who can predict any event just by looking at the planetary bodies. Chiron, which is actually a comet, will be present in Aries in 2019. It is bringing forth events that we might not have predicted. In astrology, Chiron is also called ‘the wounded healer’. This comet symbolizes every wound that we have received from our lives and our methods to deal with it. Though this seems somewhat complicated, that’s what Chiron does. And we are grateful for that.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and Chiron is just that. It represents both the wound and the ability to go beyond. This might seem like a bit of an irony, but that is what makes it so important. Locating Chiron on your birth chart would actually help you understand what special powers have been bestowed upon you. But you have to keep in mind that before you go off trying to catch women falling off buildings, you must get over your inferiority complex, low self-esteem and other points of vulnerability. Only then will you truly channelize your inner warrior, one that is extremely powerful.

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The plan is simple- first help yourself, so that you can help others. Before you begin with your new life, try looking for Chiron on your star chart, if you haven’t already. For, what is the point of living, if you can’t help others in need?

Chiron (Feb 18, 2019 – Apr 14, 2027)

Before Chiron starts its galactic journey through the warrior Aries, we must know where it was last. Prior to Feb 18, Chiron was travelling across Pisces. During its journey, it was delivering a healing effect on all of us by making us creative, compassionate and imaginative. Chiron taught us to love, give, and surrender. It wanted us to dream and express our thoughts for the betterment of society.

In its transit through Aries however, Chiron would be confident. Rather, it would ask us to be confident in what we want. You need to stand up to yourself and others, and claim your niche in society. For confidence comes only with a knowledge of your identity. Who are you? What is your value? What are you meant to achieve? Only when you know what your place is, will you be confident in your own self.

Say No To Self-Doubt

Don’t fall prey to self-doubt right now. You are in the best position of your life. While improvements are always desired, you need to know that you can always give your best. Any form of self-doubt would kill every bit of progress that you can make over these 8 years of Chiron in Aries. Although, Astrology would always ask you to look ahead, maybe for once, you can look into yourself and see where destiny takes you.

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All Chiron would do is help you realize your position and grant you the power to change things for the good. It is your responsibility to not let that go to waste. Take care. And enjoy while the time lasts.

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