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Uranus Retrograde: Expected from August to January

The planet associated with liberation and awakening will be entering the Uranus retrograde on August 19th, 2021. It will remain in retrograde till January 18th, 2022. 

Uranus will join Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn in the first months, and create a line of retrograde energy, that is radiated by the planets.

These planets in retrograde will bring everything to a slow-down. It will enable us to take a few steps in the reverse and contemplate. We can calculate the results before we can make the long jump.

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The other planets will be out of retrograde before October 2021 but the Uranus retrograde is expected to remain till January 2022.

Uranus retrogade

It takes 7 months, for the Uranus retrograde to happen, naturally and normally due to its cycle. Uranus reintroduces its energies back to the Earth during this cycle. It seems to retrace its steps while moving through the cosmic skies while doing so.

We can review and look back at this journey in the last months while connecting with the energies of this retrograde.

The last 7 months might offer you something surprising or shock you out of your wits. It might also leave you with questions, making you unsure or uncertain about your life.

What Does Uranus Signify?

The planet, Uranus, symbolizes upheaval and changes. This planet will touch your life and using its energy it will assist you to catch your breath, assess your situations and help you look forward into your life.

The surprises and shocks will settle down and you will see things clearly and with a different perspective.

The uncertain sensations that you felt will now feel more reassuring and certain. It will help you find new freedom in your life.

The Uranus retrograde will shake up your lives and make you feel awakened. It will set you free from limiting patterns that can make you feel stuck.

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The Uranus retrograde will revolutionize your perspective and help you attain a new level of freedom. It will clear all the obstacles in your path while you are looking for your goals.

 Taurus Uranus Retrograde

The Uranus retrograde will travel through Taurus and you will feel the new embracing you, and the old letting you go.

Themes like food supply, environment, and agriculture will unfold in front of you.

Uranus is expected to remain in Taurus till 2026, so we will be stuck with such themes for the time.

Uranus is square to Saturn in 2021 and this might help you realize themes like freedom vs. boundaries. 

The Exercises To Practice In This Time

Think about your past, especially from January 14th-August 19th, 2021. Ask yourself small things about yourself. Look into your past days and your present ones and ask yourself: 

Have you seen any progress during this time or have the new developments changed your life completely?

Ever felt shaky or uncertain and required a certain change in your life, to feel more confident?

Have you ever felt like surrendering and giving in to the natural slow of the Universe?

Ever felt like fighting through your chains and obtaining more freedom in your life?

Look at these questions and reflect on your life. If you stay open to the signs of the Universe, you will be able to recognize the gifts of Uranus and will be able to tune into its lessons, during the Uranus Retrograde. 



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