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Leo Season: 3 Rejuvenating Crystals To Work With.

By Souls of Silver

The Leo Season is on the way and we can help you navigate through this season with proper knowledge about everything. 

Leo Season

Leo is a sign of courage, strength, and abundance. The planet that rules Leo is the Sun and this provides the fire and passion into the members of this star. 

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The sense of willpower and self-esteem borne by Leos are unmatched and that is why they are considered to be the Kings of the Jungle. The Leos are extremely generous and choose to help people out without hesitation.

We will sense self-worth and vitality in the upcoming weeks due to Leo. We have chosen 3 crystals that will uplift you in the coming Leo Season.

1: Peridot

Leo Season

You will feel nourished and replenished as soon as you pick up a Peridot crystal. Your soul and energy levels will rise off the charts. 

The crystal will brighten up your gloom and will rejuvenate your soul. 

Peridot crystals are connected with the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus and heal both of your chakras.

If you want to cure a heartbreak or usher hope into your life, Peridot is the crystal to go for. 

The Leos are supposed to be self-confident but they all hide their insecurities deep down. They cover up their weakness in order to protect themselves. 

Peridot is a marvelous crystal to work with, in the Leo Season as it will help you release your past wounds and release the emotional traumas. 

2: Smoky Quartz For Leo Season

Leo Season

It is important to balance and purify ourselves in the coming Leo Season.

Our moods and well-being can be affected by the emotions of other people. You need to feel grounded if you sense a lack of focus on your priorities. You might seem like moving all over the place.

The Smoky Quartz crystal will detoxify your mind and body while balancing your chakras.

You can build focus by holding a crystal in your hand while meditating. This elegant crystal will help you remove everything that is not aligned with your lifestyle. 

The cons of being a Leo is that your might feel stubborn or rigid. If this side takes over your life, you can fall into uncompromising love for your own perspectives. You will get attached to your own ideas.

When you undergo attachment for people or ideas, you will usher in sadness and grief into your life. Anxiety and fear are bred by such an attachment. 

You can release such attachments by holding smoky quartz. Its vibrational energy will calm you down and help you release such toxic elements from your life. 

Place a smoky quartz crystal, during this Leo Season, in your workstations. It will absorb all the negative electromagnetic radiations.

3: Carnelian

Leo Season

The people born in Leo Season are entertainers and have a great sense of humor. They always prefer to be in the spotlight and enjoy interactions. Leos tend to have a huge circle of friends. 

Carnelian has great vibrational energy that will help you steal the show. It is the perfect match for vibing with the Leo Season. 

This crystal will heal the obstacles in the Sacral Chakra and boost you with strength. The optimism will help you lead your life to the fullest.

The imbibition of ambition and motivation is observed and will help you work on your tasks and live your dreams.

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if you encounter fatigue and exhaustion, Carnelian is the best crystal to push you on. 

You will feel confidence and enthusiasm coursing through your veins when your sacral chakra is healthy. 

If you feel stuck and not being able to do your tasks, keep this crystal close. The crystal will assist you in attracting changes and provide you with better opportunities. 

Everyone in Leo Season will receive assistance, with the help of these 3 crystals. Wish you a marvelous Leo Season and keep in mind that, every moment counts, so make the most of it.



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