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Uranus In Taurus: Experience Material Transformation

By Souls of Silver

Uranus has entered Taurus on 6th March and it will stay there till 2025-26. Everything we own might get into a bit of a shakedown. Uranus rules instability but maybe that is what we need to stop us from being complacent. And, if we could redirect our attention towards our own selves, we would find us wanting different methods and ideas on how to better deal with money and financial issues. We could also focus on our survival strategies.

Bringing The Change

It is ironic that Uranus and Taurus are in sync, for Taurus is the zodiac sign which absolutely refuses to change, and Uranus is the very planet which forces every other planet to change. Uranus helps in breaking the existing status quo, for you and society as a whole can change their way of looking at the world and dealing with it. But here it becomes interesting- for Taurus doesn’t want to let go off the past because it would invade upon the one thing Taurus care most – security. But on the other hand, Uranus would want you to get ahead while not holding on to your past, because the past would halt progress. On both counts, they are not wrong. So how do you deal with it?

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History Of Uranus In Taurus

If history is taken into account, the position of Uranus in Taurus will raise more than a few eye brows. For, this transition always brings revolutionary changes in the financial, ecological, and environmental sector. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act and the Bank Act. It changed the way we deal with money. This astrological transition also led to several new wars, the Spanish civil war, the Japan-China war, and obviously, World War 2. So, as we see, the distribution and maintenance of wealth and land changed hands a lot of times during this period.

It depends on how well we adapt and utilize the resources for betterment of human society. Since Uranus is in play, both the expenditure and output would be high. So, take risks, but also be sure of what you are getting into. Uranus’s movement into various zodiac signs has always resulted in some large scale events that shook the entire world. It need not always be good or bad, but it is certainly eventful.

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On an individual front, this period would make you feel trapped in a debt. It might seem like there are more expenses than income. This will lead you to rent out your stuff when not in use.

Finally, there might be a financial upheaval and small-scale sectors would tackle with the big banks. You might believe that money isn’t liberating you enough, so you would work on that. And, you can also make space for relationships and sexual predicaments that might, yet again, change your way of life.

It can be a turning point in your life. So, be prepared.

If you are both worried and excited about Uranus in Taurus, then share this article with your friends and family and spread awareness among them.



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