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Uncover The Secrets Of The June Eclipses, 2020

By Souls of Silver

June brings us a pair of eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse is set for the beginning of the month. The Solar Eclipse will balance its effects at the end of the month. Both these June Eclipses are bound to have an effect on our mind, body, and soul.

Just like a New Moon represents new beginnings, change, and fresh energy, a Full Moon represents culmination and endings. The scientific phenomena of Eclipses also hold such significance.   

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of June will be in Sagittarius, and the Solar Eclipse is set for the 21st of June. It will be in Cancer. Surely, the zodiacs will influence these June Eclipses.

Are you eager to find out more? Read on.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

It’s been over two months that the world has been at a standstill due to lockdown restrictions. The June Lunar Eclipse will push us strongly against this.

With the advent of this June Eclipse, we will feel the urge to go out. We will want to shake free of these regulations and glide around the streets. The feeling of being boxed-in will make us claustrophobic, and defying any kind of order will become our priority. Can you imagine a worse time for such urges to take control? Don’t think so.

But fortunately, Sagittarius will come to our rescue. We can defend these urges by taking refuge behind strong Sagittarian grounds.

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This June Lunar Eclipse is also the time when we opt for change. We let go of outdated opinions and beliefs and turn on a new leaf. We become more confident in the process because changing our core beliefs is not an easy task.

June eclipses

Guided by Sagittarius, the communication expert, we might also find ourselves engaging in debates and talk-shows, sharing life stories or opinions more confidently than ever.

Lunar Eclipses sometimes bring negative changes, so pessimism lingers in the background. Agitation and frustration will build up inside you, and as an outlet, you might throw harsh words at someone. Remember not to lash out on someone.

Enough of that, let’s focus on the good bits now.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse In Cancer

You can expect some good changes during this June Eclipse. Family and home sector will flourish because of the Cancer zodiac. Moreover, solar eclipses are a time of great energy and enthusiasm. So planning meet-ups and making positive changes in the family and strengthening familial relations will be at the forefront.

You can also go for renovation or buying new useful items for your house during this June Eclipse.

On another note, Cancer rules our emotions and Solar Eclipses push for positivity. So you’ll have time to focus on positive emotions during this time. It’ll also give you the necessary motivation to move ahead in life, even amidst difficulties.

Some will even get the opportunity to reflect back on their roots or start afresh from the very bottom, if necessary.

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This June Eclipse is the last one in Cancer, so we can also look forward to a culmination of feelings or a sense of closure. However, we will also have to tackle a lot of anger, frustration, and control our emotions during this season. Instead of venting, we need to remedy the root of our anger.

Retrograde Saturn during this Eclipse will also keep us focused and on track.

Let’s keep a positive outlook and enjoy the June Eclipses while they last.



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