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A Small Window Into The Existence Of A Vega Starseed

By Souls of Silver

A Vega Starseed is a resident of the Vega star system, which is a part of the Lyra Constellation. Legends say that Vega Starseeds originated as an attempt to inhabit Sirius, the North Star. On Earth, their presence is illustrated by dark hair and copper skin tone. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Vega Starseed? 

Vega Starseeds are extremely gifted and artistic, which have enabled them to exist in several planets throughout the Universe. For Star Trek fans, you can imagine them to be Vulcans, as their skin tone on their own planet is blue. 

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Their Mission On Earth 

Reincarnation From Several Planets

Vega Starseeds have transported themselves from several planets to morph into humans. This allows them to reincarnate and activate their spirituality to complete their missions on Earth. 

Conscious Awareness Helps In Community Growth

Vega StarseedThrough their ability to tether to their conscious awareness, they are able to help humanity ascend towards the spiritual realm as a whole. 

Primary Objective Is To Ensure Potential Freedom Over Forced Reincarnation 

Vega Starseeds are staunch believers in the philosophy of ‘The One.’ This states that every being in this Universe is connected with every single being. There is a singular consciousness running through the galaxies that ties us together. 

A Connection To Their Star Origin

This brings out their identity. And it also helps them connect and belong to a particular place. 

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Personal Missions

Sometimes, a Vega Starseed would also reincarnate as a human to complete his/her own personal mission. It helps them regain their sense of satisfaction and activate healing. 

Star Magic 

Star Magic is a special ability that Vega Starseeds have, enabling them to heal what they find ailing. This Magic utilizes the energy and light from higher realms, which gets activated to heal at a quantum level. Love plays an important role here. The magic is brought forth from infinite space. 

So, do you think you might be a reincarnation of a Vega Starseed? 



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