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The Cosmic Events Of June 2020 Are Going To Make Us More Grounded

By Souls of Silver

This year has not been the best but we should not enter into the state of despair. June is coming and it might have an inkling of hope in it. June is quite rich with several cosmic events. However, it will also be a slow time. This is because the Cosmos wants us to take it slow and take a breather. It’s time to find our voice and prepare it so that when the time comes, we can let our clamors reach the heavens. Some of the major cosmic events of June are 2 Eclipses, the solstice, Venus rebirth, Retrograde of Mercury, and the shift of Mars into Aries. This is how the entire month will go down:

Venus Rebirth on 3rd June

Venus will go into retrograde on 12th May and it will vanish from the night sky. Then, on 3rd June, it will reappear after it aligns with the Sun. This time, it will appear as the morning star. This change of venus from the evening star to the morning star is known as Venus Rebirth. It is quite an important stage for the Venus Retrograde cycle. It signifies healing. It is this moment when any issues regarding love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness will resurface and you will find cosmic guidance from the Universe.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 5th June

2013 was the last time when there was a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is a powerful lunar eclipse and it will slowly remove any kind of self-imposed shells put on us. We can finally reveal who we actually are and tap into our inner power pool. However, Mars will also be quite active at this stage and that means, anger issues might start to resurface during this period. However, we will be able to control ourselves by the time we reach the next eclipse.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer on 17th June

The 2nd Retrograde of Mercury is going to take place in Cancer. Self-love and amping oneself up with words of encouragement will be the theme of the day. Words are powerful and they can make you or break you. During this period, you will realize how powerful words can be. You can also engage in learning too.

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Solstice on 20th and 21st June

The Solstice will not only start the Cancer season but it is decorated with the power of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse will bring about a new birth during the Cancer season. A new dawn awaits. It’s time for you to plant the seeds and let them grow.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces taking place on 22nd June

When Neptune goes into retrograde, there will be a total of 6 planets in retrograde. Neptune is a planet of fantasy and escapism and so, when it goes into retrograde, it is time for us to look deep within and access the deep pool of intuitive information to guide us. 

Venus goes direct in Gemini on 24th and 25th June

Venus would finally move out of Gemini and it would gain its strength. It will make our relationships much more clear during this phase.

Mars will enter Aries on 27th June

Mars will stay in Aries for a long time – that is until the end of this year. So, you will have ample time to tune in to the Martian energy and push it for your ambitions.

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Jupiter in Retrograde aligns with Pluto in Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde – both are aligning with one another and this can affect the financial market. It might bring abundance in the form of material wealth but we need to be extra careful about our money. Be wise with your expenses and try out your new ideas as well.

The cosmic events of June can be slow but it will make you more grounded. So, let the cosmic events of June enlighten you and push you to new heights.

If the cosmic events of June excite you, then share this article with your friends and family and make June memorable for all.



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