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Total Solar Eclipse And New Moon In July Brings Passion And Optimism

By Souls of Silver

July will play host to the next New Moon on 2nd July, and this would also be a Solar Eclipse, so you can expect double the energy. This would be in Cancer, so optimism would be found in spades. Also, as Cancer is a watery, touchy-feely zodiac, this eclipse would be more beneficial for you if you spend more time with friends and family.
This New Moon would open up doors to honors, riches, and well-being. Now is the time to end conflicts, not through wars, but through words spoken in peaceful negotiation. And finally, work on your dreams, for there is a high chance that if you are fully committed to your cause, you will achieve your dreams.

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What is a Solar Eclipse?

To put it simply, a Solar Eclipse is just a New Moon, albeit a much powerful one. An eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth (also a New Moon), but the Sun gets completely obscured, While the New Moon does represent the beginning of a new cycle, the effects of a Solar Eclipse last way longer (6 months), than a normal New Moon (4 weeks).
According to various astrologers, this night might not be a very complicated night, but is still an important one. The Universe is giving you a chance to restart, to reset what you have done, and go through everything again.
So, why don’t you stop whatever you are doing on July 2nd, and instead do the following?
1. Take some deep breaths.
2. Introspect on your lot in life- where do you stand at that particular moment?
3. What is your destination? Where do you see your end?
4. Mark your intentions in stone, and process yourself to following them.
At this point in time, you should rejoice at the development that you, and the entire world has come upon over a span of time. There have been strides made in equality, in technology, in sustainable development and the like. On a more individual level, you have been capable enough to look at what hinders you, and cut it out of your life. Rejoice, for the world has started looking and observing things that are hindering its progress. Many strata of the population have started implementing a greener, more spiritual, and a minimalist mode of living, that is simply designed to prolong life on Earth. Yes, there have been problems, and there are problems still within every section of society, but if one were to focus only on the evil, then hell would BE Earth.

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So, set your mind to your goals, and celebrate along with the rest of humankind, because you have made it this far. But, you can’t get complacent. There are still some changes that are needed, both on a personal and a global level. So, why not focus inwards? Live a healthy life. Eat fresh, organic, healthy food instead of cholesterol-rich McDonalds. Hang out with your friends in the Sun. Be with your family. Appreciate the little things that you are bestowed with. Appreciate the people you are beset with.
And appreciate each day, as if it were your last.
Live your life to the fullest, while also inculcating small changes in you that will help you live your life the way you want.

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