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Our Consciousness Travels To Another Universe After Death As Per Quantum Physics

By Souls of Silver

If there is one thing that has intrigued the best brains in science and philosophy alike, it is the concept of what happens after life. What exactly happens in the brain and the consciousness after the body dies, or is clinically dead. Does consciousness continue to exist even when the brain ceases to function? Many leading scientists have concluded that consciousness is something separate from the physical entity of the brain and the body. We are comfortable with the notion that life ends with the physical death of the body. It assumes that when you die, it is permanent and irreversible.

The Consciousness As A Traveler

But the other assumption is that you are not your body, but just the consciousness within your body. The body is only a resting place and you will move on after a certain time. But the pilgrimage of the consciousness is eternal. The body and the consciousness are two realities functioning synchronously.

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The Universe Arises From Life And Not The Other Way Around

Dr Robert Lanza, a leading light in the field of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, is a proponent of the theory of biocentrism, which involves quantum physics, mechanics and astrophysics. It switches the perspective of the universe from physics to biology. It explains that consciousness and life are integral to the physical universe. The physical universe did not create consciousness; instead, it is the opposite. It appears that the universe is programmed exactly for life to survive. Dr Lanza holds that our consciousness has created the framework that has made the universe so congenial to our existence. We are creating the reality that we are observing.

Dr Lanza says that consciousness creates everything that we experience, even Newtonian physics and quantum physics. The physical entities of time and space are merely tools used by the mind to simplify the universe. The destruction of consciousness is a lie. It is propagated because we wrongly identify the body with consciousness. The body is just a medium that receives consciousness and the death of the physical entity does not mean the destruction of consciousness, it just moves on.

Parallel Universe

Another theory put forward by Dr Lanza is that multiple universes exist simultaneously. In each universe, the self may be in different stages. We may exist in alternative worlds as different incarnations at the same time. Many scientists, including Dr Lanza maintain that not a single physical law exists that disproves the presence of parallel worlds. We inhabit these parallel universes simultaneously. Our universe splits each time we make a decision, each presenting a different version of the outcome of that decision. Data collected by Planck space telescope discovered that there exist many dark recesses characterized by many holes and gaps. This aberration is explained by the existence of other universes. Interference by these universes causes these gaps and holes.

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Migration Of The Soul

The soul thus can migrate to any one of the parallel universes after the death of the body. The consciousness is as old as the universe, as old as the Big Bang. Our brains are only receptors and amplifiers of consciousness. Upon the death of the physical body, the consciousness dissipates into the universe from where it came in the first place. A near death experience occurs when the body is resuscitated and revived from the edge of death. The consciousness goes back to the body. With death, this measure of information continues to exist independent of the body and for an indefinite period, as the soul.

Going Beyond Religious Interpretation

Biocentrism and quantum physics thus take life and consciousness as fundamental and paramount towards understanding the universe. Our universe supports life primarily because consciousness created the framework that made the universe congenial to our existence. The energy of our consciousness has the ability to enter into a different body at some stage and between the two bodies. It exists away from the physical body in a different stage of reality and even in a different universe.

Isn’t it all so fascinating?

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