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Accepting The Shadow – The Month Of September And The Number 9

By Souls of Silver

September and number 9 generally represent periods of transformation for all of us. 9 is of great value in numerology and signifies change and being whole.

The greater part of this year has revolved around changing one’s perception of life. We have all heard the call asking us to rise and fight for our beliefs, to make a positive change on this planet. Nowadays, we seem to be aware of everything going on around us, both in the world and within ourselves.

Once I attended a wonderful ‘conscious movement session’ with Amara Pagao. Throughout the session, we examined the shadow each one of us possessed – the things we believed in and the ways we lived our lives.

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In my case, I realized that I was withholding my own happiness and creativity. I was too scared that I would be judged. Taking a step back, I examined my rage, my depression, my jealousy, and my lack of self-esteem. We all struggled internally and I found victory when I was able to accept and enjoy my own colorfulness and joy.

The Power Of Change in September And 9

The number 9, in the numerological sense, signifies a spiritual struggle. Change will happen if we stop victimising ourselves and seek out the strength hidden within us. Examine your shadows and absorb whatever they have to teach you. Don’t look to anyone else for validation and use what you’ve learned to ensure that your shadows don’t stop you from accomplishing your goals and finding happiness. Focus on the way Gandhi lived as he too fell under the number 9.

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So how are you going to get through this period? Can you feel the transformation setting in? Are you experiencing change or do you still feel trapped in your old patterns? What are the things you can change about your life?

What is your own number for this month?

How do you figure out your own numerological number for this month?

Here’s how you calculate it:

The month of your birth + Date of birth + Present Year.

Next sum up the present year number + the number of the month.

Let’s say your date of birth is on the 3nd of June and the month you’re looking to find your number for is September of 2018. This is how you will find it.


20+9=29. Then add 2+9=11. Your personal month number for September is 11.

Here’s the magic of number 9 or September as the ninth month if you will, for add 9 to any number and it will cancel out!

With 11 being your personal month number, the time is right for you to be seeking answers. All you need to do is reach out and be ensured that you will receive guidance from the universe which will lead you to the right path. You may have been dealing with a mental block when it comes to being creative but all of that will change now and you will see beauty and inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.

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So, here’s to embracing your shadow and unlocking your life path through the power of number 9!



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