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Crystals For Pisces Season: Make This Season A Breeze

 By Souls of Silver

From February 18th, the Pisces season will be starting. This is a very emotional period and it is bound to make many people feel the burden of their emotions as well as open up to others. It will be heavy and while your emotions will be unsteady and on the high, your energy will be drained. You need the tools to stabilize yourself. For this reason, crystals will come to your help. These are some of the crystals that will help you during the Pisces season:


The Pisces season is going to be a bit of an emotional period for everyone. That’s why, it is necessary for us to get hold of Aquamarine. This is one of the crystals that act as a power stone for Pisces and helps them during Pisces season. So, it will keep you calm and make sure that your emotions are well-balanced. It can also help in cleansing your emotional self.


It is possible that you are emotionally vulnerable. That’s great and it will help you a lot with your emotional health too. But it also makes you open to all kinds of emotional attacks. You need to be on your guard and Amethyst helps with that. It is a stone that is useful for protection. Armed with Amethyst, you can stay open but your spirit will be watched closely. You will be more able to take risks as you know that you are protected.

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During the Pisces season, you will be going through a lot of mood swings. That’s not the best way to lead your life and you need to have some kind of crystal that will help you to balance out your mood. The best thing to do so is by getting yourself a Bloodstone. A bloodstone carries grounding energy that is almost connected to the Earth. This kind of energy will help you go inward and connect with your deeper self. You will be able to understand yourself better and respond accordingly.


The Pisces season is going to make you overwhelmed easily. Your emotional side is rising and you are almost on the edge. It is justified that when you are working with your emotional side, you will be pushed to extremes – either rage or crippling depression. Citrine is your go-to crystal. It will help you to cool down and make it all better. You will feel calmness spreading all over your body when you come in contact with citrine. It will also help you to get a positive outlook about life and gear you towards experiencing life with more realistic emotions rather than going to the extremes.

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Rose Quartz

Love has most of the answers we are looking for. If we are moving forward with love, then you will be able to deal with everything life throws at you in a positive way. The stone that you need so that you can lead your life with love is Rose Quartz. It is also called the stone of love and it will be reminding you of all the things that you need to do, out of love.


The Pisces season will exhaust you and by the end of it, you will feel as if you have no energy left within you. You are completely exhausted. You need to find some kind of energy to tap into so as to release your blocks. Jade is the crystal for you. Once you arm yourself with Jade, you can become more stable in your life and you can progress better.

The Pisces season will be a tough time, but with these crystals in hand, you will be able to face it without a problem. Just make sure that you arm yourself with these so that this season does not exhaust you completely.

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