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This Full Moon Is All About Balancing And Reevaluating Your Previous Ties

By Souls of Silver

We are going to experience the second Full Moon in Libra on April 19, 2019. Now, what was started in March- the opening of the portal to our own self, would come to a close in this Full Moon. This interval between two Full Moons helped us in finding our true balance, and as this comes to an end, we need to know how far we have progressed.

The previous Full Moon heralded a period where we were continuously being lifted and set down on our ‘zone’. This zone was the area where we could develop ourselves on. The main purpose of this entire setting is for one to understand where they stand within themselves. It is all about finding peace within yourself, which would allow you to grow as individuals, with a certain zeal in mind.

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A Balancing Act

This merging with the universe was all well and good. But since it is drawing to an end, we need to know what to let go of and what to hold on to. Now, while the previous Full Moon was all about finding a balance within yourself, this Full Moon would be about finding a balance between others. It is about relationships. To put it simply, you need to cut off what hinders you, and hold on to what lets you grow.

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To begin with it, you need to love yourself. Loving yourself might seem very simple, but it actually isn’t. Loving oneself needs hard work, and a desire to believe in yourself. You might make mistakes. You might inadvertently hurt someone or even lie to yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself. For, if you can’t love yourself, you would always seek relationships that you would never be able to see through. Loving oneself exudes confidence. It makes you confident about your relationship too. Wanting love in a relationship would lead to you being used. For, you would do anything to get validation from them. But that wouldn’t lead to a meaningful, healthy relationship.

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Now, this Full Moon, the universe wants you to decide for yourself. To see what holds you back, and what pushes you forward. It might not always be a human being, but money, things, even jobs. You simply need to streamline your own life to ensure that you keep growing, without any trouble.

Cutting Off Can Be Difficult

Remember that no departure is without problems. You will need to have difficult conversations with people as you need to cut them loose. You need to speak the truth, and actually deal with elements that are trying to disrupt your growth. For this, you need the Moon. It will help you understand the problems and the nook and crannies that are affecting you. So, you need to properly cut them off from your life. It will teach you how to repair yourself too.

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But don’t always think that this is where you cut loose every single relationship. Sometimes, kindness goes a long way. You need to realize that this full moon isn’t all about leaving. It is simply about shining a light on your relationships, so that you know which ones to cherish, and which ones to let go.

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