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Build Or Break Your Relationship: Check The Libra Full Moon

By Souls of Silver

The month of April is quite an intense period of time for relationships. The Full Moon of Libra is potent and is going to bring certain things in the relationship to break, or even change itself completely.

The forces creating balance and harmony will be tested. Some of the aspects in our lives seem to stay harmonious, but most of it is probably feeling the strain that this celestial event brings. It is this strain that is recalibrating our internal mechanisms and ourselves. Our coping mechanisms or habits will changed, quite possibly for good.

Energy To Build Or Break Relationships

The main denominators of this celestial event take place on the: I – You axis and the Aries – Libra axis. This occurrence is bound to put two people in a relationship up against each other, or an individual against the other relationships they share with people.

All of this does not result in change only in certain places. More often than not, everything needs to be changed.

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The Full Moon of Libra is the bringer of unavoidable and explosive energy that is not going to let things function the way that they always have. Plenty of things are going to seem like they arose out of nothing. But it might be useful to think and find out where it is coming from. Aspects of relationships or even the very existence of certain relationships might become unsavory. But the sirens have been raging for quite some time. They’re just harder right now as the event approaches.

One must bring oneself to reassess their boundaries, reimagine rules, reset the power structure, and stop putting up with unnecessary things.

How The Planets Help

The Sun, the planets of Uranus and Saturn, and of course the Moon are bringing about several changes by the kind of energies they bring to your life. Unpredictable changes are likely to occur. Liberation will take place and destabilization will seem like an unfamiliar territory to controlling individuals.

A lot of new things are brought into the conscious. They will be blurted out and admitted and can’t be taken back. Desires, longings, phobias, obsessions, and so many other things will find their way out of our heads into the world with our orations or other devices. This emotional downpour will be marked by candor and honesty, without the possibility of luxuriously wording your feelings.

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As negative as it might seem to a lot of us, these occurrences certainly have their advantages. Arrangements which are fragile and superficial will change, which is probably for the very best. Any relationship stagnation will be forced out of it. It will be refreshing.

Love can find new ways to work its magic. But so can the honest exchange of feelings, desires, and needs keeping each other’s considerations in mind.

This Libra Full Moon of April 2019 will serve as a stepping stone in the progress of a lot of our relationships. It will serve as the endpoint to a lot of unsustainable ones. Just take your time and adjust your life with the balance that the universe is trying to create in your life.

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