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These Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By July’s Mercury Retrograde

By Souls of Silver

July 7 – August 11 will have Mercury in Retrograde in Cancer. Along with the intense energy from the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, this is a period of changes. This is your chance to rediscover yourself but don’t exert too much in the process. Ignore the minor nuances of the time and live through this day.

This July Retrograde, remember not to let your past poke its head too much in the present business. Be careful not to sabotage your own hard work. Retrogrades are the time to avoid important actions but this supercharged one will force your hand. So be alert.

Aries And The Heart

Listen to your heart. Be it matters of the health or creative pursuits, your heart will guide you. Be grateful for everything around you.  Inspiration is on the charts but don’t be impulsive.

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Taurus And Communication

Be thorough with all leases and contracts, keeping in mind the future may take a different route. Take advice from near ones and think before you leap into things.

Geminis Get Back To Work

Find your happy place in the balance of work and party. You might be uncomfortable this July Retrograde so be prepared. Finances are coming to you but don’t over-indulge. Be open to new people and the opportunities they bring. To gain clarity, you need to stop overthinking.

Cancer: Time To Party!

Despite all your troubles this past month, it is finally time for you to enjoy your birth month. If you have survived your struggles, new opportunities are coming up. For others, you need to go beyond your comfort to reap your benefits. Be empowered and inspired, and take care of the self first.


Leo: Start socializing!

This is the time to make peace with your past. Instead of overthinking, allow yourself some rest. Socializing will benefit you with the required energy to move ahead! Empower yourself.

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Virgo: Relax And Have Fun

Opportunities are rampant as is socializing. Instead of thinking about the unknown, enjoy the present and relax. Allow the Universe to guide you this July Retrograde.

Libras Stop Procrastinating

This is the time for you to be active and put your thoughts out to the world. You have creativity flowing and the urge to share it with the world. Who’s stopping you? You don’t need to prove your value to others, just keep your excitement in check.

Scorpio: Don’t Fear

Turn your pains into power this Retrograde. The troubles you face can be solved with the power you have within. Use your energy to create, not destruct.

Sagittarius: Let Things Flow

You are all prepared with all obstacles out of your path. Growth is on the cards but you need to be free of the negative energies around you. As you let them flow, try to absorb their power to grow yourself. Travelling will help as well.

Capricorn: Get Out Of Your Head

Instead of exerting yourself for the lost opportunities, learn to relax. Perfection is not for everyone and you need to let go. Be at peace with yourself. Remember that new opportunities are on their way this July Retrograde.

Aquarius: Be optimistic!

Communicate your feelings to avoid misunderstandings, but first, check their reception. No need to take anything too seriously this Retrograde.

Pisces: Meet New People

Don’t get all stuck in your own mind. Go out and enjoy. Negative manifestations must be driven out and positive ones must be used for empowerment.

Be safe during this July Retrograde and enjoy!

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