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Your Horoscope For This July’19 – Hustle For The Dream

By Souls of Silver

The month of July has already experienced so much. With the Cancer energy seeping in through the New Moon in June, and the Summer solstice this month, we are looking at the horoscope for July with some serious growth in both our physical and mental space.

It is natural for us to dream of goals. To dream of a big house, a fancy Bentley, maybe to have that 6 pack, or a 6 figure salary- you know the kind of stories you tell your drunk friends? Well, you do have to realize that simply saying them out loud makes no difference. This July would make us feel a connection, a longing for the place we truly belong but is that our dream? If it isn’t, then you got to work to lay the groundwork.

Don’t just say it out loud. Don’t just believe that things will fall into place if you just focused on one aspect of it. You will never get those abs until you actually get down on the mat and do a hundred sit-ups. You can watch YouTube videos all day long, but unless you stop eating junk crap, nothing would make sense.

So, all the signs need to ask themselves one thing- are you working for it?  For if you are, this month would definitely light that up for you.

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You will be traveling a lot. And mostly out of your head. Now, while that may put you in a bit of a bother, you should actually try to embrace these changes. For these would make you get off your couch, and work for those goals you have set for yourself. Get out of your comfort zone.


Just because you are in pursuit of your goals doesn’t mean you don’t do things patiently and calmly. Spend some time on yourself. Don’t believe in the fast life to the extent that you are always concerned about screwing up one way or the other. Things will happen in their own sweet time. Just don’t give up.


You have always been an all or nothing kind of a person. And this might actually help you this month. Say no to things that are dragging you down, and give your all to what puts you over the pond. Look for mutually beneficial relationships as those would be amazing for you in the future.


Change your routine, for the answers to your questions can never be found if you indulge in monotony. You need to seek answers for your goals, and you need to find out for yourself if you are doing what is needed of you. If you are, then the month is yours for the taking.


You may be beset with setbacks, but don’t get your chin down. Things can go wrong at some point- doesn’t mean you stop hoping. Simply recover. Take deep, long breaths, and get your head back in the game.

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Your dream doesn’t have to come out of a set schedule. You can do whatever you want with your time, because you are a human being, and not a robot. If you want to take a nap, simply because you were working through the night, you shouldn’t have to wait for the designated 45 minutes break to do that. Your dream shouldn’t come at the cost of your welfare. Remember this tip from your horoscope for July.


You will feel really connected to your family and close knit friends. You might spend hours simply catching up with them, or talking about them, or just exchanging stories. But whichever way it is, you will feel really connected to them.


Your finances need to be maintained if you want to make that big purchase at the end of this month. Don’t spend too much, and even try surviving without spending on those treats you have for yourself. Learn to micromanage, for that is going to help you in the near future.


You will be beset with that summer romance. It could just be with yourself too. Self-love, the best kind of love where you sit on a beach drinking cosmopolitans, or simply playing Bruno Mars and dancing to the tune in your living room.


You will understand the difference between being complacent, and being content. You will realize that there are many areas in your life where you are not really satisfied with your lot, but you aren’t unhappy with it either. And this will change the way you look at things.


Get that tan. Like seriously, get it. Go out, spend time with nature, get a pet, adopt one, run around with your friend’s dog, do whatever it takes for you to stop being cooped up inside the house, and simply getting that vitamin D from nature. Enjoy the sun, before it gets too wintery.


When you love yourself, people around you love you too. You simply give off that aura of self-love, and self-confidence that attracts a vast majority of people. Try to maintain that.

This month, don’t stop looking for what makes you happy, and what sets your goals in motion. Sitting around in your comfort zone is going to put a wrench in your plans, and we are pretty sure, no one wants that. Don’t just rely on your July horoscope, go out and achieve your dreams!

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