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The Spiritual Significance Of St. Patrick’s Day

By Souls of Silver

While we go out hunting for leprechaun gold and four-leaf clovers on St. Patrick’s Day, good fortune is really just about timing. Good fortunes come to us when we all concentrate our entire beings into connecting with the cyclical movements of the Universe.

Like most other sacred days, St. Patrick’s Day also finds its basis in ancient customs. In the end, most of these holidays can be traced back to the sacred calendar that we all carry in our minds. St. Patrick’s Day is no different. Now you might ask how is St. Patrick’s Day spiritually significant. One thing you should keep in mind is that this depends on when St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year.

Sun In Pisces

On the 17th of March every year, people come together for St. Patrick’s Day. This is the time in which the Sun is usually nearing the end of its travels in the realm of Pisces. This sign signifies the feeling of transcending human limitations. It is full of spirituality and encourages others to give in to the pull of the Universe so that we can all be part of the Oneness.

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St. Patrick’s Day is seen as a chance to indulge in another kind of spirit, namely alcohol. This might be seen as a way to create a deeper connection with one’s inner self. The drinking of alcohol is almost ritualistic in St. Patrick’s Day as it creates a deeper connection with one’s Spirit.

Those who were born during this journey of the Sun in Pisces are creative, imaginative, and have the power to experience their dreams. They are able to let go of the norms of society and can unlock the hidden powers within each person. By doing this, they are also opening themselves up to mystical experiences.

Being as open minded as they are, it is easy for them to create intentions. This surrendering of the self allows for a window of opportunity to open up. No one has to believe in any particular religion to do this. We just have to let go.

The Spring Equinox

Soon after St. Patrick’s Day is the Spring/Vernal Equinox, the day that makes the beginning of Spring. The Sun sets off on its journey through Aries, the sign of intensity and passion whose influence helps us find our own focus.

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The best way to celebrate this day is by following the practice of the age old schools of magic. They pick out a motto that best suits the goals of their circle for that particular year. This is what you need to do:

1. Let your dreams run free as you introspect and yield to the power of the spirit. Let go of pride and allow the spirit to take over.

2. Listen because the Universe is speaking. Be inspired and life will become more meaningful.

3. Think of the words that describe the messages the Universe sent you. Don’t strain yourself because it will come to you naturally. Take only what is necessary even if it is just one word.

4. At the time of the equinox, speak the word with all the force and passion you can muster. Channel intent and strength into it.

5. Live that motto.

The 20th of March, 2019 is the day of the equinox. Let the magic flow through you and follow it to find good fortune.

If you were intrigued by the spiritual significance of St. Patrick’s Day, then share this article with your friends and spread the wisdom.



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