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Sun In Aries: Begin Your Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

By Souls of Silver

As we already know, Mercury is in Aries, and in a retrograde position. This is going to affect our communication skills as astrology has predicted. But now, even the Sun is positing itself in Aries from March 20th, thus communication, albeit stunted, would never be sugar-coated. So, that might be some relief for people who don’t like beating around the bush. But we also have a catch. In the midst of both Mercury and Sun messing with communication, we have Aries, the fast-moving zodiac which wants everything to be resolved incredibly fast. Therefore, it wouldn’t go amiss to say that we are in for an exciting time. Not necessarily a bad time though.

Let’s just put this period in simple terms- we will be passionate and desirous of what our heart wants. And that can be anything- job, education, love, anything at all. We would be after it like a pack of wolves after the last morsel of meat. The fire burning in us, as a result of the Sun, along with the passion of the Aries would make sitting still difficult for us. You can be assured that you will be highly efficient at this point of time because sitting idle would grate on your nerves.

Channelizing Your Anger

But, before you go all high and mighty on everything, do remember never to take advantage of anyone. Simply because the universe remembers and the universe doesn’t forgive. Be bold, take risks, but never to the loss of some other individual. And honestly, if you have the right zeal in your mind, you wouldn’t really need to. Aries will bring out anger, will frustrate you, it will make you want to break things, but restrain yourself. Channelize! That is all is needed. Channelize this vitriol into something productive or you would crash and burn.

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After the relatively calm, docile, and static relationship with Pisces, being in Aries with the Sun is bound to ruffle a few feathers. It is at this point where you need to construct around yourself things that would divert you from the frustration of never having too much. Follow these diligently in order to survive this period of time. Actually, do it well, and see yourself reaping the rewards of it.

Keep in mind that if you don’t divert yourself, you would be obsessing about one person or one object and that would be harmful to your state of being.


Try focusing your goals. See them through, devise plans to achieve them and keep them in your thoughts. For the moment you forget about your goals or are complacent about them, they will force you into negative thoughts that might get you into trouble with other people. Also, always keep a note of your aspirations, dreams, desires, goals, failures, anything that will help you progress over the course of time.

Look for calming, soothing outlets. Make a playlist with all of Beethoven or Mozart, and listen to them when you are in a violent or angry mood.

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But, above all else, do something that would give you a sense of purpose in life. Read books, learn skills, go on trips, explore both the outside and inside. Only then would you be able to live and grow through life.

Or else, you would simply be taking your frustration out on people who care about you.

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