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The Rare Full Moon In Libra: Conflict Resolution Begins

By Souls of Silver

The rare event of a Blue Moon is fast approaching. It happens to be the full moon that comes in second in a sign of the zodiacs. What is striking about it this time is that it is going to take place under the sign of Libra. As some of us may know, this moon is pretty much like the semester examinations for the relationships we have!

We have listed all the delicate events which have a huge amount of universal energy. Note the date and time of the precise full moon. It is the time to sort out our relationships. During this time, the universe is opening up all possibilities for us to sort out differences and start afresh.

Libra Full Moon

Generic Libra Energy: Diplomatic Pacifier

Lesson: To create an absolutely positive result

Libra is a sign that represents justice and fair treatment. It is due to this that when there are transition periods, we may be placed in circumstances which are just not appropriate or fair. It is vital for us to not stoop down to petty animosity but try to achieve solutions which are beneficial to all of us. we must take into consideration all the facts and then proceed to draw up solutions using our rational faculty. The agreements must be well balanced. One should be able to meet the goals of both the parties involved. This result is not possible if one is not willing to view something from someone else’s perspective. Our interaction with other human beings must be harmonious and preferably not combative.

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All the Librans should be proud to see their symbol, Athena, the Greek Goddess displayed in the courts of law. She was the one that was requested when a consensus could not be formed and she was the holder of the casting vote.

Depending on your intellect is very important but one must also be compassionate. Otherwise, one might end up being cruel. It is vital for us as human to be guided by the wisdom that our hearts provide.

Always remember that in order to achieve balance, it is important to understand and learn to share space with the opposite force. You can either take up the challenge considering it a growth opportunity or if you can escalate the conflict by competition instead of cooperating.

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In spite of all what the mass media seems to suggest nowadays, escalation of conflict, violence, and aggression are basal human tactics which must be overcome. The only way out is cooperation and understanding; the latter of which is experiencing rapid devaluation. It is up to us to truly embrace the Libran virtues and help ourselves grow out of these basal traits and experience a life of harmony.

Happy Full Moon.


Australia – Victoria: Melbourne

20th of April, 2019 – Saturday at 09:12:00

AEDT: UTC + 11

United Kingdom – England: London

20th of April, 2019 – Saturday at 00:12:00


The USA – California: Los Angles

19th of April, 2019 – Friday at 16:12:00

PST: UTC – 8

USA – New York: New York

19th of April, 2019 – Friday at 19:12:00

EST: UTC – 5

Corresponding UTC (GMT)

19th of April, 2019 – Friday


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