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The Pink Moon of April – Renewal, Abundance, Life

By Souls of Silver

This is the time of the year to bid adieu to the winters and welcome spring with the onset of the Full Lunar Pink Moon on the 19th of April, 2019 in the zodiac of Libra. A wonderful time is upon us yet again because this is the time for renewal and rebirth. The energy of the universe is abundant and very potent this year because life gets renewed again. It is when we harness this surplus energy in our lives that we can reap the benefits of the universe. It is quite possible that you may have neglected taking care of yourself, your professional life may have stagnated, and a general sense of well-being might have been affected during the winter.

The Pink Moon

The Pink Moon may appear full for two days prior to and after the actual event to an uninformed viewer. The moon is abundant with giant amounts of positive universal energy coming down upon us. But one must be in an appropriate state of mind to truly receive what is being given to us. It is vital to keep in mind that all that we do and feel will be multiplied several times in this course of time. This potent energy is showered on us for a total of five days, two days following up to the full moon and two days after the pink moon. You must use these energies to your advantage.

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Why do we call it the Pink Moon?

Contrary to what the name suggests, the moon never turns pink, not in April or ever.

It’s called Pink Moon because of the pink flowers blooming in this season known as wild ground phlox. It is also called the Egg Moon due to the egg-laying term that spring brings. Come to think of it, both the names Egg and Pink are indicative of the abundance of seed as well as the burst of natural beauty that is the phlox, in addition to the beautiful revival of nature.

The advent of this Pink Moon is the signal that death has been conquered yet again by life.


The Universe demands us to introspect a lot of things in our lives during this period. These pointers might help you out:

  1. How much of something is too much of it?
  2. Where must one begin to cast the boundary?
  3. What are the contingencies involved?
  4. What is the degree of our want and what are we willing to do to achieve it?
  5. Is this quest ever going to quench our thirst?

The answers to these questions are far too many and extremely subjective. No one can be the judge of these other than you yourself. It is vital to take our time to think about these things and self-introspect to really discover ourselves better. Life is but a journey of self-discovery that never ends.

This is a time of the year which is full of abundance and giving. If you had trouble in the previous year, this time you can turn things around. The universe will give you all its assistance and great power.

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Take charge of your life at this juncture, set new goals, and work hard to achieve them. You have all the power. The universe has no shortage of power and it will help you only if you help yourself.

The universe and life are full of wonderful things if one is truly looking. Make sure you are one of those people.

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