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The Meaning And Symbolism Of Master Number 33 In Numerology

By Souls of Silver

Double-digit numbers have a lot of power in numerological circles, which is why the number 33 is held in such esteem. One more reason why it is considered so powerful is that both the digits at the ones and tens place are the same. Be it religious theology or arithmetic, this number is exceedingly important.

Numerologically, this number has had a lot of importance in most religions. Jesus was 33 when he died and Hinduism has 33 crore deities. Buddhists have the concept of 33 devas who are present in their heavenly abode. Islamic prayer beads are always arranged in 3 sets each containing 33 beads. 

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Not just 33, but 11, and 22 also contain a lot of power. It is said that these three numbers make up for a pyramid that contains a vast amount of power and enlightenment, and 33 tops the list. 

If your life path follows the number 33, then you are bound to be one of these things:


People like following you because you know exactly what to say or do. You have that charisma in you that makes people want to be you. While that technically could be used for both bad and good causes, you mostly use it for the good. 

The Energy Of The Number 6

In numerological terms, the number 6 always has a special place since it is related to a familial life. Adding the number 33 within itself gives us 6, people under this number tend to be extremely cautious when their family is in question. 


Number 3

It can be understood that the number 33 can be divided by the number 3. Hence, you are creative and have that inquisitive spirit in you that makes things all the more interesting.

People who have this number in their life path are usually passionate, mystifying, mature, kind, or powerful. 

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Harnessing The Power

Harnessing the power of this number 33 isn’t that hard. All you need to do is-

  1. Be kind to all. Gratitude is necessary, and so is helping others. 
  2. Don’t be narrow-minded.
  3. Be responsible.

This number comes up a lot in other spiritual fields too. When you see the number 33 around you, remember that it is all about being a true human being, and being there for people when they need you. You have a higher purpose in life.

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