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How Will The March Full Worm Moon Affect Your Love Life?

By Souls of Silver

March feels like you are living in limbo. After the crazy rush of the holiday season and then the emotional rollercoaster of Valentine’s day, March seems like the perfect time to relax and just wait for spring to come around. However, this year, March is going to be a little more challenging. Because this March 9th, the Full Worm Moon is going to take place in Virgo and that calls for some serious action.

This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Worm Moon and it is considered to be the harbinger of some pretty solid changes in everyone’s life.

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What is the Worm Moon?

The mystery behind the name isn’t much of a mystery really! The timing of the Full Worm Moon is such that it comes at approximately the same time as the grounds thaws enough for forms to poke their heads out of the soil. And that was the not so deep (pun intended) meaning behind the strange name.

What will be the effect of this Full Worm Moon?

The thing with the Full Worm Moon is that its primal energy is that of the power of dreams. What does that mean for you? Well, during this time you might find yourself paying a lot of attention to all the what-if scenarios in your head. They might sound like whims and fantasies but there won’t be a better time than this to figure out how to make these work.

Full Worm MoonAnother thing to be kept in mind is that this Full Moon has a lot of effect on our relationships. You might find yourself daydreaming quite often what your ideal significant other would be. If you are single, maybe someone new will just stroll into your life like a summer breeze. And if you are already in a relationship, brace yourself for some unexpected friction. Your partner can give you a nasty shock in the most surprising way. Whatever it is, be prepared for that bomb!

What does this Virgo Moon hold for your future?

As is in life, so is it with this Full Moon, it all depends on how well you take these changes in your stride. This Full Moon’s whimsical day-dreaming will give you the push to pursue your best life. Whatever have been your long time plans, now is the time to manifest them.

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As far as your love life is concerned, this would be the perfect time for both of you to learn to go with each other’s flow. It might also help you in realizing what are the real priorities in life for you.

Are you ready to welcome this Full Worm Moon this March?

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