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What Can You Expect From March 2020 Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By Souls of Silver

February might have been a bit hectic but March 2020 will start easy. Venus shifts into Taurus on the 4th and Mercury also turns direct in the first half of the month, urging us all to slow down. We’ll prepare to welcome Spring by the 19th as the Aries season kicks off. With a Full Supermoon in Virgo and a New Moon in Aries, the sky will be quite pretty too!

Here’s what you can expect from March 2020, based on your zodiac sign:


Last month might have been a bit difficult but March promises you some great news! Your hard work would be soon rewarded and expect some financial gains.

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March 2020 is going to make you focus on your career and you have to decide the best route to reach your dreams. But while you work hard, don’t forget to pamper yourself. You deserve the love.


Your focus this month will be on relationships and the community. You may feel sensitive to the changes happening around you but remember that these changes have your best interest at heart.


Let your friends aid you the way you are always there for them. If you have something on your mind, talk to your friends. Also, look out for sudden expenditures.


March will give you a nice career boost as your peers and boss will truly appreciate your hard work. But make sure you don’t undersell yourself just because someone keeps praising you!


If you want to establish a deeper connection with your SO, you need to be honest with them about what you need. Your health will also direct your attention this March so practice some stress relief techniques.


March 2020


The Universe has been pushing you to put your needs first and March 2020 seems to be just the month for you. Expect a cathartic experience! Also, a new relationship might soon blossom so enjoy!


Partnerships at the career front or in a relationship will now turn beneficial for you this March. But remember to create proper boundaries in each sphere.


Time to focus on the details, dear Sags! Figure out which of your ideas are more practical and then fine-tune them. Focus on improving your skills if you want success.


Nature is calling you outside with everyone preparing for the Spring Equinox. Go out and explore! As you go out, try to find your center and ground yourself. Good things are on their way.


The theme for your March is renewal. You will be keen to redo your home space to make it more pleasing and relaxing. Practice self-discipline in regards to your health and it will see you through.

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March can be a bit topsy-turvy for you as it intends to shake up your beliefs. You will find faith in something new. Your finances are set for an upgrade if you can recognize your own worth.

Overall, the third month seems quite exciting and positive for all of us. Let’s make the most of March 2020!

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