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The Libra Full Moon: Re-Evaluate Your Relationships

By Souls of Silver

Full and new moons are kind of funny boosters for our lives. Due to the Sun and Moon being polar opposites, full moons bring moments when we are forced to encounter suppressed emotions.

Sun And Moon Alignments

The super-moon on Wednesday will be extra special. While the moon will be in Libra, the Sun will help it as it is in the constellation of Pisces. Pisces is known for fluidity and emotional complexity while Librans make very affectionate lovers while retaining their sense of what is right and what is not.

This phase will see a great juxtaposition of these two opposites in the minds of people. As it is, full moons bring out emotions at their most intense. So, while irritability and angry impulses are expected, one can count on Libran reason and rationality too.

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Thanks to the merging of opposites in this full moon, one can expect a general desire for better balance. And there are balancing series of events taking place that will fulfil that desire.

Combining Rationality With Emotions

Combined with these factors is the sheer brightness and size of the moon. This 20th; it might just be the biggest and brightest full moon this year, thanks to its closeness with the vernal equinox. This would be the time to tap into those emotions and finally make time for your loved ones, especially your family and spouse.

This full moon is all about different collaborations and partnerships and that includes romantic relationships. After all, romantic relationships can be extremely enriching and literally completing.

This will be the time to objectively and subjectively contemplate the world. At first, you have to observe the world and the people around you. Then, you will have to find yourself and your niche among the said world and people.

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A Look Inside

So, this would be the time to contemplate the world on both an ‘I’ basis and a ‘we’ basis. This would mean, for example, you observe an incident, like the Christchurch shootings and contemplate what caused it and what you can do on an individual and collective level to remedy the aftermath.

This would also be the right time to re-evaluate your existing relationships and reward the constructive ones with more of your time. At the same time, we should cut off the ones that chip at our soul bit by bit.

All in all, this would be the ideal time to retrospect and introspect, realize using objective reason and subjective emotion, and then to decisively act.

Once your outer turmoil is solved, you can adequately focus on the inner peace that you and everyone around you crave and searches for.

The energies of the full moon are about new partnerships and constructive collaborations. It is about letting things of the past go. After all, the full moon marks the beginning or the end (whichever you want it to be) of a cyclical transformation.

Therefore, focus on calming your outer waves first, before diving inwards.

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