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Find Calm In Chaos During The Full Moon In Libra

By Souls of Silver

The full moon in March will be in the Libra Decan. The crystal that will heal us all in this season is Mookaite. This particular full moon will be great for right-brained people, which means that it will do more for the gifted, the ones that can reason well and the ones that believe in the greater good over everything else.
It would also be a good time for magic. The mysticism is strong with this period.

Full Moon In Libra

The energy of the full moon in Libra, whoever it touches, will leave them with the ability to meditate through stressful situations. Even though things may look rough on the outside, the full moon will grant everyone it comes in contact with the skill of bringing chaos down and maintaining an amicable situation. However, things might go out of hand and cause a little trouble here and there. But that is only a very slight possibility because a full moon in Libra is more often than not, quiet and calm.
This full moon in Libra will bring a lot of opportunities. If one decides to devote their time towards doing away with a bad habit, they will find themselves at their strongest.

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But it does not end there. Once, the habit had been done away with, the person in question also has to remember that they will need to practice some self-determination so as to not fall back into the habit. It is also a good time to address every issue one might have, even if they have carried it on them since their childhood. As far as exorcisms are concerned, this full moon is as good a time as any but one has to ensure that they are in a good state of mind and can control the process. If things go out of hand, one has to protect themselves by not attracting attention towards themselves.

Moon Quincunx Uranus

The moon quincunx Uranus and it’s a great time for outsiders, lunatics and rebels. They want to shock others. But they will also be a bit afraid of the infamy that they attract. They don’t want the attention. They might do all these due to their innate issues. Maybe they had a childhood trauma which is why they act this way. This alignment will make things go chaotic and wild.

Fixed Stars Align

The two fixed stars in this full moon scenario are Markeb and Scheat. Even though Markeb is coming in an alignment, one might have to look out for Scheat, thanks to its reputation. It might bring with it a grave misfortune and what not, but if one keeps a good head on their shoulders, the limitless and intense power of Scheat can be used to achieve other productive means. When it comes to such an intense star as Scheat, a lot depends on the person in question.
Remember that Mookaite may go a long way with you during these turbulent times. It is a grounding stone that will also work to protect you from the energies that might mess up your balance. Make sure to keep it on you especially when you travel.

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All in all, it is not a bad time completely. Sure, if one loses control things might fall apart but if they keep their head straight and maintain a balance, they can emerge a real winner out of every situation that may get thrown at them.

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