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Essential Horoscope Based On This Week’s Full Moon In Libra

By Souls of Silver

This 20th of March, we will be experiencing the super-moon, occurring extremely close to the vernal equinox. The moon will adorn the constellation of Libra while the Sun, which makes it all possible, will be in the constellation of Pisces. So, it will be a mix of opposites, emotions from the Fish and rationality from the pair of Scales.

The moon will be opposing Chiron in Aries, suggesting both healing and conflict, which should be interesting to see.

Mars in Taurus will come in a trine with Pluto, which adds strength and stability to the moon’s effects. Venus will be in independent Aquarius which will be squaring Mars the next day, 21st of March, which is a sign of conflict between impulses and desires and also restraint.

March 24th will be the day of the second of three conjunctions between Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. This will be a time for introspection and re-evaluating.


The Moon-Chiron dynamic can make things go awry as far as relationships and partnerships are concerned, but in the end, it will be something needed as Chiron is a healer. However, the process will be painful as some hidden inner weakness of yours will be revealed.

However, the Mars-Pluto pairing might be of some importance here as this might put some career opportunities your way.


The full moon can shed light on hidden medical issues that you have been ignoring. Mars and Pluto however, will help you come out with brighter ideas. But at the same time, Venus will make things difficult. She will give you dilemmas between what you should do and what you actually do.

But hidden confidence will ooze out, which can make things better than you expect.


The full moon is all about results: new things expected and unexpected. This attention however, might bring out inner vulnerabilities, which is not something you want.

While Mars and Pluto give you hidden sources of power and finance, Venus will increase your indecisive nature.

Mercury and Neptune will bring some news related to your career.


Family dynamics can change this full moon, but Mars and Pluto will help you keep and intensify the relationships you value. Venus, however, will give you food for thought as you focus on the world outside or your family inside. Mercury and Neptune will be all about scrutiny and review of your plans and ideas. That is not always a bad thing.

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The full moon will make you take a decision that uncovers a bitter and secret truth for others. Despite Mars-Pluto helping you out with opportunities career-wise, Venus will make sure you have conflicting pairs of relationships. Mercury and Neptune will make a conversation happen that will bring out truths about shared money and/or mental issues you have been facing.


The Vernal super-moon will highlight issues that will show you the conflict between self-sufficiency and monetary dependency. There are chances that this will be solved too. Mars-Pluto will give you the confidence to work past your weaknesses and reach your destination.

Mercury and Neptune will find you encountering either a lie or a statement that makes no sense in your current or past relationship, in case you are still hung up on it.


The full moon is going to be an in-house thing, which will make something along the lines of a major shift or revelation in your relationship; and chances are that it will be harmful.

Mars will trine Pluto and this alignment can help clear your name off of some allegation, pay debts or simply research your roots.

Venus will help you express yourself but at the same time, Mars will make you impulsive, so keep your shopaholic DNA in check.

Mercury and Neptune will make you detect some error in your routine life, especially relating to your health.


Some area of tardiness will be made prominent so that you can correct it, all thanks to the full moon. Mars and Pluto trining will be about constant power struggles in your relationship, with you being dominated by an unlikely partner. Venus squaring Mars will bring about emotional turmoil in case of relationships.

Mercury and Neptune will bring back memories and connections from February 19th and whatever happened during that time.

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The full moon will be all about self-expression on a public forum. This will be part of recreating a public image.

Mars and Pluto will help you make better, healthier decisions about your health.

Mercury and Neptune will bring back some conversation with your family from 19th February.


The full moon will bring about a culmination, a result of the efforts you put through, while at the same time, this will be about creating that much-needed balance between work and life.

The trine of Mars and Pluto will give you the required impetus and confidence to go forth where you haven’t been before. Venus might cause some money matters and self-esteem issues.

Again, Mercury and Neptune will make you revisit a fantasy you had on the 19th of February.


The full moon will be moving about of your box cage, which might mean relocation, traveling or simply bringing an idea out. Mars and Pluto will bring out changes on the personal front.

Venus will bring a conflict between your actions at home and the image you want to maintain in life.

Information about finances will be revisited by Mercury-Neptune, things that had initially come out on February 19th.


The full moon will create a rift between the resources you share and the resources you owe. Mars trine Pluto will rule your communication, giving you better words to defeat foes. Venus can cause a clash between hidden desires and outward actions.

Mercury and Neptune will bring an epiphany back from Feb-19.

Hope that these predictions will spare you any unpleasant surprises. Peace.

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