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The Leo-Virgo Cusp: What Effect Does Birth Date Have?

By Souls of Silver

You might be identified with a Leo-Virgo cusp sign, if you were born between August 22 or 23. The sun moves out of Leo and transitions into Virgo, in this time frame.

The idea that people who were born on the extremities of a sign’s season are cusp babies, is a myth. There are no astrological debates about it. This is stated because the planets are in one zodiac sign at a time. 

You might be born at the last minute in Leo season, but you will still be a true Leo and not a Leo-Virgo cusp. You might feel disappointed to hear this, but this is the truth.

Cusp signs might not be real, but you can bear some traits that are borne by either zodiac signs or a combination of them both. You might be born on the Leo-Virgo cusp and feel both the signs coursing through you. Several reasons will show you why it is true. You can read your birth chart to know more about it. 

Leo-Virgo cusp

Mercury and Venus travel in proximity to the Sun. If you are a born Leo, you can have some of your personal planets in Virgo or vice versa. This will give you a mixture of both the signs and you will receive a combination of qualities. The Leo-Virgo cusp traits will hold then but not because of your birthday.

The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo at the end of August and enters into autumn. Leo is seen during the summers and it maximizes our passions. Virgo helps us clean up our acts and get us organized. The zodiac signs tell a story that builds upon its previous one. When the sun moves into the Leo-Virgo cusp, it helps everyone out.

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Traits Of A Leo-Virgo Cusp

You can spot a lot of such combinations in your chart and relate to them. These are some of the traits that a Leo-Virgo cusp can produce. 

1: Sky-High Standards

The passionate Leo with high self-confidence and a picky Virgo combines to form sky-high standards. Leo knows that it deserves the best and the Virgo gives very selective vibes with a hint of perfectionism.

2: Super Helper As Leo-Virgo Cusp

The sign Leo is warm and gives life to energies. The Virgo sign is not as proud but is massively altruistic and looks for ways to improve the environment. The combination of these energies makes them a super helper.

3: Accomplishment

Leos are hard-working and focused in whatever they are doing, while the Virgos are efficient and effective. When we combine these two, we can receive someone with unparalleled energy. The Leo-Virgo cusp makes that person analytical and courageous.

4: Strong Speaker

Leos tend to be the center of attraction while the Virgos are good with their words. Leo’s star power and Virgo’s thought communication make the person effective in their speeches and they can express themselves easily in front of a crowd.

5: Combining Work And Pleasure 

Virgos are busy with their routines and wellness, while Leos are filled with romance and passion. This fusion creates a Leo-Virgo cusp that can work hard and play hard, at the same time. The people can balance their work and leisure perfectly and use it to their advantage.



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