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Six Ways To Magnify Your Leonian Energy This Leo Season!

By Souls of Silver

Every thirty days, the Sun decides to shed its light on a different zodiac sign. Get ready for some change this season, because it’s the fiery Leo Season! The Leo Season of 2021 kicks off on 22nd July and lasts till 22nd August. Everyone will be feeling this extraordinary energy of the Leo astrological sign. The details of your Sun astrological sign horoscope are irrelevant here! 

leo season

Here are six ways to welcome this fiery Leo season 2021:

Time To Choose Your Words And Rehearse Your Script!

As the Sun shines on Leo this season, it is time for you to make a memorable impression on everyone you meet. This is the time to just get up on the stage and share your story. But it is also important to listen to others as they share theirs! This season is the perfect season for you if you are looking to flaunt your talents. Use passion as the primary driving force and you will reach the finish line! Don’t get lost in personal theatrics and hone your powerful leadership skills!

Make Fashion Fun And Love The Way You Look!

The moment is yours to stamp your work with your signature! Try out new looks, go with different makeup or hair! Express yourself with your style and make the statement of your choice with it. With Leo being a very democratic sign, it is the moment to understand individuality and hone it. 

Don’t Overcomplicate It!

Ugh, sometimes the Leo season can be so full of drama. While you are just trying to sketch a simple new plan, it will feel as if you are trying to decide on an important international peace treaty. Everything can feel a little bit overwhelming. But it’s important to slow down, breathe and remind yourself that the world isn’t about to come to an end! This is not your final opportunity. So just stop worrying and enjoy the journey!

This Season, Age Will Just Seem Like A Number!

leo season

During this season, people tend to worry about little things and take themselves very seriously. This turns your simple interactions and communications into a soap opera. Everything transforms with importance and meaning. That is why it is important to lighten up and keep things fun. After all, this prevailing zodiac sign also rules the 5th house of childlike wonder and playfulness! Draw in from the life energy of Leo and keep things interesting by getting physical and creative!

Learn To Distinguish Between Bullying And Bravery!

The Sun, who dominates our entire solar system, also rules Leo. So, naturally, the zodiac sign carries itself with pride and dignity! So, it is sometimes important to remind yourself that the world is not revolving around you! Don’t let your ego run amok! Sometimes, defending our principles or honor starts to sound more like bigotry and bullying. Always allow yourself to have an original opinion and stand by it if you are proud of it! But make sure that in the process you are not interrupting anybody else’s right of taking a stand for themselves! 

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Avoid Obnoxious People!

During this season, you will often encounter various loudmouths and obnoxious people. Dodge clear of them. They often seem charismatic, sitting in high power positions or well-dressed. But they don’t make any sense! So, steer clear of them and don’t get dazzled and impressed by their show! 

Here is a challenge which all of us can take part in this season. Let’s think and choose our words carefully while primping and adorning ourselves for the big stage. Then maybe, our righteous and courageous roar might call for a difference! It is important to fill our intentions with righteousness and love. Let’s claim the birthright of this Leo season: joy, fierceness, and passion!



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