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The Half-Blood Lunar Eclipse Is Upon Us And It Will Look Brilliant

By Souls of Silver

We are in for a rare spectacle this week with the Full Moon residing in Capricorn along with a partial Half-Blood Lunar Eclipse. And on this particular day, July 16th to be precise, the world might just seem a wee bit crazier.

Do Not Seek The Approval Of Others

We are emotionally charged as human beings and could have a very strong desire to be of use to society. You also seek rationalization from the world outside for your deeds. You do not put enough value on what you seek and also expect from yourself. Your reticence is also paired by a sense of resentment that others do not give you the importance you deserve. Just stop seeking the approval of others. It is a futile pursuit and it will only increase your inner doubts and in the long run harm your self-confidence immensely.

A Partial Eclipse

The July lunar eclipse should be unique as it happens to be “Half-Blood”, a partial lunar eclipse and it promises to be a truly extraordinary and wonderfully weird phenomenon that will hopefully play out at a sky close to you.

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A lunar eclipse occurs when a moon comes into the earth’s shadowy core called the Umbra which normally projects out into space. During an eclipse, the dark central core, the Umbra has a more diffuse outer ring named the penumbra. The moon only partially loses it glow as it glides over that diffused shadow and then gets it back fully when it moves.

A Spectacle Like No Other

But on the 16th of July, the moon should enter the dark core of the earth’s shadow, the Umbra, but only partly. Half the moon will brilliantly be illuminated by sunlight from the sun, the other half by the sunlight diffused by the atmosphere of the earth. The color at the top will be copper red and the other half will shine bright, and the colors will be demarcated right through the center by the curved shadow of the earth. Thus the “Half-Blood Moon” promises to be a truly unique visual treat.

No Doubt About It, It Will Be Unique

Exactly the upper half of the moon will be obscured during this eclipse. London will be lucky to see the “Half-Blood Moon” at possibly its most unique phase when it rises. The “grin” down the middle caused by the shadow of the earth will definitely make many freak out, especially if they have no prior knowledge about the lunar eclipse.

The next lunar eclipse is on May 26, 2021, but it will last for only around 15 minutes. But nowhere will it match the extravaganza of the eclipse on June 16, 2019.

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