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Your Love Life This July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse As Per Your Zodiac Signs

By Souls of Silver

Expect a sea change in your love life during the full moon on July 16, 2019. It is the heady combination of a Full Moon and an eclipse of the moon. It indicates that regular and normal influences on emotions are intensified. If you are eager to know how the Full Moon influences your love life this July based on the signs of your Zodiac, keep your outlook rosy.

Change Isn’t Bad

The rituals of the Full Moon each month is a regular reminder that we need to let go what does not positively serve our life any longer. Eclipses are all about a total overhaul but then it is all for the very best. Ascension can only happen when we learn to give up the excess baggage that weighs us down. Change can be extremely difficult but not so much if we are conscious of our strengths when it comes.

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A Change For The Positive

But do not take this portend of change at its face value. It doesn’t indicate that your present relation will end. The change indicated this eclipse is primarily about a change from inside. As long as evolving is a lifelong commitment, you shall be able to shape your dreams the way you want it.

Do It For Yourself

Strive to remain in contact with your needs, wants and emotions. It will clear the fog that might envelop your relations and show the right path ahead. The Full Moon this July will throw light on every aspect of your amorous journey. You can thus get a clear picture, reflect on what is right and what isn’t and take decisions accordingly.

Here’s how the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will affect your Zodiac:


Your office is not the right place for romance to bloom. Take time out of your busy schedule and go for a date or even binge watch some rom-coms.  Get away from the stress and the chaos of everyday work. Do something romantic like lighting up some candles or even gift a bouquet of roses to yourself to celebrate nothing in particular.


Expect a flood of emotional upheavals. You might feel the urge to go back to deal with it. A sojourn to the beach to contemplate and confront this emotional turmoil would be a good decision. Your journal should be your constant companion.


Be sure to concentrate on the upcoming eclipse. It might be tough to create barriers but do so if it becomes necessary. If you feel that your relationship is a one-way street then it is time to either end the relationship, or restrict the access the other person has to your life and emotions.


If you find that a relationship has left you feeling emotionally dead by a particular affair, address it. It is time to end capricious relationships. If it is the only way to move on and move up, so be it.


Intense competition may lead to feelings of insecurity. Be patient and you will be sure to taste success. Cross bridges when you come to it. A race is not the right metaphor to describe life.


Do not let the dramatic rule in your quest for love. Let honesty reign. Stay calm during the Eclipse and do not let minor distractions bother you


The period of the Full Moon may be a lonely one but do not let that bog you down. You are in a period of emotional change. Seize this opportunity to do some self-introspection. Sometimes having some time to yourself is the best thing that can happen in your love life.

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It is a time for creativity and time for communication. You are in the mood to let out your deepest secrets and sentiments. You feel the need to express your love or transform positive feelings into art.


A time of financial crisis threatens to affect your love life but you will surely find an unusual way to ride it. A touch of the eccentricity will spice up your date night.


Prepare to change from being at another’s mercy. Grab back the initiative immediately, and you will feel secure and contented. Give some time to yourself and you will move forward with great confidence.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is an opportune time to dwell on your past. Learn from the mistakes and decide on the right course of action. Be resolute on what should be left alone and what can be carried forward. Confronting your past pains will make you emotionally stable to move on.


If you feel that you lack a voice in your relationship or among your friends, it is time to take stock of the dynamics of that particular relationship. The Eclipse will lead to more intense emotions within your intimate circle. If things are not working out, give it a second look.

The Eclipse will be a great time for you, if you just let it flow through you.

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