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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse And Mercury Retrograde Bring Drastic Change

By Souls of Silver

The skies this summer will irradiate with the full moon in Capricorn on 16th July 2019. Be ready for a hectic Full Moon as there is a bunch of planetary surprises in store for you along with a lunar eclipse.

July is a month that brings in torrential rains and thunderstorms and so, the Full Moon is referred to by the natives as the ‘Thunder Moon’. Learn to work and live with this formidable energy that emanates from the Moon. This particular Thunder Moon will invigorate and rejuvenate you. It will make you a storehouse of energy.

Mercury Retrograde

The disturbance and turbulence that Mercury creates when it retrogrades make us feel that nothing is going right. And you will not be wrong if that is your line of thinking between July 7th and 31st.

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A retrograde period is in itself formidable, but more so when it moves through two significant signs: Cancer and Leo. You are caught in the maelstrom of two very contrasting retrograde energies.

The Leo traits are all about flamboyancy and a flair for the dramatic. Leo exhibits over-the-top confidence, at times bordering on the disagreeable. And at the other end of the spectrum is the Cancer trait that includes a strong streak of sensitivity, the inherent urge to don the role of a caregiver. At the same time, this trait can also exhibit excessive sensitivity and possessiveness and might be the victim of extreme mood swings. But all said and done, a Cancer’s love goes deep.

Getting back to where we started, this Mercury Retrograde falls during the eclipse season. This planet governs our communication and our thought process and when that retrogrades, things start going haywire. Things start going wrong when they have no reasons to do so. Be ready to endure three weeks of such forgettable moments.

Learn to look within yourself during this period of retrograde. This is just the time for meditation on spiritual plans and goals.

Here is a list of Elements to work with this July

Herbs – lemon balm, honeysuckle and hyssop

Colors – blue, gray and silver

Flowers – water lily, lotus and jasmine

Scents – frankincense and iris

Stones – white agate, moonstone and pearls

Trees – acacia, ash and oak

Animals – crab, dolphin, turtle and whale

Birds – swallow, starling and ibis

July also happens to be the time when bucks grow new antlers which give the moon the name of “Full Buck Moon.”  From the buck-deer, we imbibe the virtue of gentleness in our thoughts, words and deeds. It is the ideal time to return to nature, to get back to civilization and discover who we really are.

This Full Moon is fulfilling our commitment and ideally balance between the career and to our family. Let all your pent-up energy find release.

The full moon throws light on this very conflict between your roots and your objective. The Full Moon lights up our inner self, but there is an undercurrent of emotion to all this. Expression is the right way to throw out the pent up things in the body. It is also the time for prayers and also to envision and envisage all that you desire during the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is almost bursting at the seams with both positive and negative energy. Delve deep into your intuition and strive to keep your emotion calm. Letting your emotions run amok will harm the financial and personal fronts. Do keep your emotions in check as it is natural for them to overflow during the Full Moon. Get your Chakras completely balanced.

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As the Moon is in Capricorn, it is the period for creativity. Let it bloom to its full potential. Get energized by the power of Thunder during the next 4 weeks.

Meditation is the best course to take as it focuses your mind on just positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are extremely counterproductive during this period as the energy levels are extreme. Set time aside for prayers and make a visual summation of all that you desire during this particular Full Moon.

A Burning Bowl Ceremony would work wonders during this period of the Full Thunder Moon. This ceremony consigns to flame everything that is unwanted in your own life and makes space for the positive energies. The outdoors is the right place to be in this warm summer months.

Clean your crystals and charge them both during the daytime and nighttime under the sun and the moon. This cleanses the crystals of any residual energy. This allows them to function to their full capacity.

Be happy and make changes in your life during this Full Moon period.

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