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The Aquarius New Moon Wants You To Let Go Of The Past And Begin Anew

By Souls of Silver

The Aquarius New Moon is here. Time to engage with the magic of the lunar cycle. The New Moon in Aquarius is all set to occur on 24th January this year. It’s time to be free. This New Moon wants you to wake up. It is all about new beginnings and that’s why it is called a Seed Moon as well. 

The energy of the Aquarius New Moon will be potent and it’s going to make your life take a positive turn. So, if you are looking for personal growth, this is the year to have it. Start moving forward. The previous Wolf Moon had set the pace to make you move forward. This energy of tonight is all about change and power. 

Acceleration should be the theme of this New Moon in Aquarius. Yes, you will see magical changes happening at a pace that you never expected. Many of these changes are because of technology. We can’t really escape much of technology, can we? Now, we are hooked to it. We have almost surrendered our lives to technology. It seems like we go through an existential crisis if we do not look at our phones for a period of time.

It’s unhealthy. 

You should know that people are watching over you. Every data sent out from your phone is being intercepted, checked and sent to the recipient. It’s like what is written in the Book of Revelations. This surveillance environment is like the Mark of the Beast coming in close. It is about how much of your life is getting controlled.

Aquarius New Moon

It’s amazing how most technological advances are prepared so as to control and monitor you and how you are actually allowing for it. It is being praised by others. However, before the present time when we have garages that open with a remote, we had people working and opening the garages themselves. And it worked well and it was healthy too.

This New Moon 2020 in Aquarius is all set to free you from such distractions. You just have to be focused and cut all the toxic cords. If the past haunts you, it is time to let go of it. This won’t be a passive year. The year will have lots of periods where you will experience growth from within and you will feel it in your gut. Be aware of your heightened energy within. Your gifts are going to shine now.

If you have a dream then the Aquarius New Moon is telling you that it is not too late to go for it. Choose a career you want to be in – stop taking a route that society tells you. This New Moon is all about change. If you want, you can even go back to school and join a course you have always wanted to study. You can be 50 and be in school. Your soul is always looking to learn more, looking for spiritual growth. It does not care about your years. You can make this year productive in your way.

The New Moon is going to affect our emotions, mind, and body in these ways:

Emotions: We might feel shy and stay away from crowds. Our focus will be only on the self.

Mind: We will find new ideas to shape our careers and be creative overall. Maybe, you will finally write that poem you formed in your head.

Body: You might sleep late but wake up a bit early. You might be hungry too but your energy will be high as well.

Let the magic of the New Moon envelope you. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends and help them prepare for the lunar cycle!



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