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How Can You Identify Vega Starseeds: Primary Characteristics

By Souls of Silver

Vega Starseeds are aborigines of the Vega star system– the most illuminating star in the Lyra constellation. Vegans were originally created by Vega to help in the colonization of Sirius.

When on Earth, Vega Starseeds take on the appearance of a humanoid with dark skin and dark hair.

What Do Vega Starseeds Actually Look Like?

Vega Starseeds are extremely ancient as they have been seeding many planets since their creation. They are highly skilled and creative and appear blue in their homeland. They can be said to resemble the Vulcans from Star Trek.

Main Characteristics Of Vega Starseeds

A Vega Starseed has a lot of traits that distinctly make them human. In their original form, they are astral beings. But when human, they have their own set of problems and difficulties.

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Vega Starseeds

Vega Starseeds are confident, to the point they can appear egoistic. They are extremely confident about whatever decisions they take and have the ability to stand by it. They don’t play around and bravely take responsibility for their actions.


They are highly talented and efficient in a number of areas. They have no qualms about choosing whichever field takes their fancy if it helps them delve into their interest. Yet, Vega Starseeds mostly focus on technology- their major forte. They have used technology in several cases to be humanity’s solution to many problems.


Vegans are extremely inconsistent. They don’t have the willpower to go through something that they have put their mind to if it doesn’t interest them anymore. They might start something off, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would go through with it. Vegans usually prefer others working on their ideas.


Vega Starseeds are adept travelers. Especially in traveling alone. They really experience everything around them when they are alone and not encumbered by any and all. They would prefer going to far off places rather than places that are nearby.


Vegan Starseeds will go ahead and help you out if they see you in pain. It doesn’t matter if the help comes with repercussions for them- they will still go ahead with it. And it isn’t just in their mind- they won’t simply think about helping you- they actually will. One quality that really sets them apart is their constant presence in the lives of people who need help.

Sense Of Brotherhood

Vega Starseeds are amazing people to hang out with. They are extremely friendly, due to their race being that friendly. Their race garners a lot of respect from people all around, which is seen in their behavior and popularity. They will always lend a helping hand, and if need be, use their popularity to help someone out.

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They understand. Humans, emotions, sentiments, and feelings. If asked any question, or given any task to do, they will do their best to understand the reasoning behind asking, and the rationale of the task asked. And they usually succeed in both understanding and getting the work done.

Vega Starseeds are amazing people to be around- it is your good luck if you are friends with one.

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