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New Moon In Aquarius – Inner Awakening In The Horizon

By Souls of Silver

The Sun and the Moon meet in the house of Aquarius on January 24 to herald a series of changes. You will discover so many new things in terms of intimate relationships, professional networks, and political views.

This is just the beginning of dramatic changes as Mercury will go through a retrograde in Aquarius pretty soon. In March, you will see Saturn entering Aquarius and remain until July. Brace yourself for an eventful Winter Solstice this year as both Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius on December 21. Don’t worry, the year will end on a positive note.

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The January New Moon will be ruled by Uranus – it will shake you up from your cozy slumber. You will be forced to take charge of your life and plan your path properly. There will be no time to slack and procrastinate. Uranus is not a gentle ruler and will surprise you when you’re least prepared. You need to be more alert and look at things from a fresh perspective. You need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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January New Moon requires you to prioritize and act instead of piling things up. Aquarius is a sign that values uniqueness and that should be your plus point. Do not succumb to the herd mentality and let your creative juices flow. Use the New Moon energy to your advantage and you will be surprised to see how much you have gained!

The New Moon in Aquarius is also sextile to Chiron. Chiron, according to Homer, was the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”. He rests between Uranus and Saturn, teaching humans how to live in harmony. Chiron is the epitome of balance as he is the half horse-half man. We should learn to value our humane nature instead of forsaking emotions in favor of technology. Chiron will overlook our journey of healing our deepest wounds and embracing our most innate nature.

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We all know that change is the only constant but at times we have difficulty in accepting it. The New Moon is a period that can lead to conflicts if you are not honest with yourself. Put in the hard work. Take more time to nurture your body and your soul. You do not have to be a part of the rat race, take your own pace but do something. Do not let curiosity die. This is the best time to make new friends and learn new things.

We live in a time that is marked by turmoil. Harmony is something that we all must strive for. Educate yourself every day. Learn from the experience of the elders, and from the creativity of the young. Experiment and be enthusiastic about it! If there is one person who is passionate about something they love, let that be you.

The New Moon will aid your endeavor but you need to take the first step. Use your time in a fruitful manner!



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