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Strawberry Sagittarius Full Moon 2019: Emotional (Ex)Change Begins Now!

By Souls of Silver

We welcome the Strawberry Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17th. Our powers of intuition will be heightened while the celestial event creeps closer to us. The air is rife with change and the seeds which you planted and nurtured for so long will finally bear fruit now. Rejoice! For it is the season of harvest now.

This is the golden time to be aware of the present, to live in the present, and to live for the present. Our world has so much darkness and hatred which needs the beam of light and love. So manifest the best things! Manifest light and love!

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The term Strawberry Moon does not mean that the moon will be red or pink in color. Rather, it has been named ‘Strawberry’ because it is the harvesting season of many fruits that farmers have planted back in Spring. The fruits of their labor. The Full Moon is going to happen in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius. That means you have a dose of adrenaline pumped into your system. The Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius will make you feel fearless about anything you choose to embark on.

But leaping into something without forethought means you will get lost. So, what we need is direction. Do not lose your focus! Be grateful for what you have and set you aims towards your destination. Think back. What were the projects that you were doing before? Are they still pending? What fruits did you reap from these projects? If you think that there are some fruits that need more time to ripen, leave it – let it mature inside you. Take what you have and then use it to further yourself. Start choosing your intentions – take a step towards it. Start a new project if you have to.

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We face a lot of rejection in our lives; some of it is understandable while most of them seem absolutely baseless. But have you ever thought about this: We tell children to stay away from fire because it can harm them. Even if they are mesmerized by it and they think they are smart enough to know better. Adults keep kids away from fire.

Be full of courage and let the energy of the Full Moon be with you.

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