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Renew Your Inner Self With Tonight’s Magical Full Moon

By Souls of Silver

We mere mortals will welcome the Strawberry Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17th. Our powers of intuition will be heightened while the celestial event creeps closer to us. The air is rife with change and the seeds which you planted and nurtured for so long will finally bear fruit now. Rejoice! For it is the season of harvest now.

This Full Moon is an exceptionally friendly and amicable one. It is bound to leave a completely different feeling as opposed to all the other Moons which we’ve experienced so far this year.

The generic calendar year has been halfway complete and the celestial astrological year is ¼th of the way through. The change of seasons is here to mark this passage of time.

This is the golden time to be aware of the present, to live in the present, and to live for the present. Our world has so much darkness and hatred which needs the beam of light and love. So manifest the best things! Manifest light and love!

The smallest of candles can offer solace in a very dark room. As the beholder of conscience, it is our job to light up our home and our planet. It is our duty to send out beams of light whenever we can.

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We face a lot of rejection in our lives; some of it is understandable while most of them seem absolutely baseless. But have you ever thought about this: We tell children to stay away from fire because it can harm them. Even if they are mesmerized by it and they think they are smart enough to know better. Adults keep kids away from fire.

God works in the very same way. God cares for all of us, so much so, that even when we seem to have the ‘perfect’ opportunity, we are heartbroken by rejection. There are plenty who will blame God; there are plenty who do not even believe in God. But think, as a parent or a well-wisher, would you let your dear ones come into harm’s way?

Has it ever occurred to you about why the month of June is full of weddings? Well, it is the time when the Full Moon looks like honey. Hence, the term ‘honeymoon’.

It will serve you well if you use the free time to engage in some cleaning. Your life will be well benefitted and you will be on a strong path to spirituality.

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This is a very special time presented to us during which we can connect with the Mystical Spirit. Engaging in developing a connection with the Moon will shower our lives with abundance. The good energy and stability that the Moon radiates will permeate into our very existence.

All we must do at this significant precipice is: believe.

Believe in the power that is greater than us.

Believe in the renewal of our faith.

Believe in our own selves.

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