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Full Moon Cleansing Ritual 17th June: Soak More Energy From Tonight’s Moon

By Souls of Silver

Think of yourself as very lucky because this will be the last Full Moon prior to the Eclipse Season. The Sagittarius Full Moon which will be visible on June 17th happens to be dreamy and fiery. It will serve as a token to remind you of the fire within yourself. It shall compel you to explore your intuitions, raise your consciousness, and expand your dreams. However, in order to harness the energy of this Full Moon better, you might want to take help of some earthly things. Here is how:

Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

Practice this ritual from 14th to 24th June 2019 for best results:


A tool of cleaning as per choice – Incense, oils, smudge sticks, etc.

Candles – 3

Paper – Cut into 3rds

Paper – 3 additional sheets

Water – 1 glass of potable water


1. Use your cleanser of choice to purify your ritual space. Say the following while cleansing:

With this cleansing, my mind, body, and soul are aligned. I let go of the old. I clear my heart. I rid myself of fear. I bear love, I bear the light. My will is strong. I have cleansed my aura. Peace is mine. Thank you.”

2. Place the 3 candles in a triangular formation and light them up. Then put the glass of water in their center.

3. Inhale deeply, shut your eyes, and let yourself sit in the silence. Let your mind be absolutely still and meditate for 10 minutes.

4. Now take a paper and divide it into three pieces in case you have not done so already. Write 3 motivational messages for yourself, it can be telling yourself to do something you think you should do. It can be congratulating or praising yourself. It can be about letting go. It just has to be an encouraging message to yourself with your name at the end of the sentence.

5. After writing 3 messages, fold them into identical pieces. Shuffle them until you lose track of what’s inside and place them inside the triangle housing the water glass.

6. Take another sheet and pen down something you want to let go. It can be anything and you can as write to your heart’s content.

7. After finishing, pause and think about your current feelings. When you are ready, pick up a message you wrote for yourself and read it. Think about your feelings about it too.

8. Take a fresh sheet and pen down something in your current reality which you want to usher away. Write to your heart’s content.

9. Pause and think about what you have just written and repeat point number 7.

10. This time, take the last sheet and jot down something that you created for yourself, even though you thought you could not. It can be anything, overcoming a mental hurdle, a material object, a solved trauma.

11. Now think about how you feel about it at the moment. Now take the last message you wrote for yourself and read it. Think about how you feel about it now.

12. Upon completion, inhale deeply 10 times and compose your mind. Take the glass of water, holding it with both your hands. Say these lines and drink the elixir of life.

I have completed my work. I am healing. I am the light. My mind is clear. I am on the right path. Thank you.”

13. You can choose to shred the paper, burn the paper, or bury the paper. Just remember to stay safe and dispose of it properly.

14. Blow out the candles to complete the ritual.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous Full Moon! We hope everything you do is successful.

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