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New Moon In May: Maintaining The Work-Play Balance

By Souls of Silver

May will be a slow month. It is a month which will encourage us to examine ourselves and analyze which way we are moving forward. Our introspective nature becomes much more potent with the New Moon that is happening in Taurus on 4th May. Because of the new Moon this May, we will be able to analyze our daily routine and add more love and joy in our lives.

To live a better life, we need to have some healthy habits and the New Moon this May gives us exactly that inspiration. You will engage in the proper exercise routine and diet and have the proper inspiration for it too. The New Moon bestows the energy for it.

If you don’t want to enter into a rigid routine, that’s fine. Just eat healthy, breathe in the fresh air and focus on being grateful and you will find the much-needed balance in your life. Balance has always been the theme of the Universe, especially during the previous couple of months and the Moon will add to this energy. It will be a dose of both working and playing in your life.

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If you want to find a purpose and make it direct your life, then work is your only solace. It can be anything, from making money to becoming popular – hard work has no alternative. For doing your best work and contributing to society, you must try to be disciplined, carry out a carefully structured routine and be grounded in your purpose.

But then, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, as a proverb goes. A bit of playfulness will help you bring back passion and creativity in your life. It will allow us to break from our routines and enjoy life present outside it. When you are stuck in a routine, there is a chance that you will feel suffocated. That’s the time when ‘play’ comes to your help. Turn on the music and start dancing. Read an erotica if you want. Just enjoy something out of your routine.

Play is all about lightening up the tension that work generally brings. It will make you feel refreshed and reignite that passion inside you. It is also possible that while you are engaged in ‘play’, you will find a new purpose or gain a clarity on how to approach it.

The New Moon brings the balance between play and work.

Another way in which the New Moon helps us is by bringing positive change in our lives. Now, this change should not come out of comparing. If you are asking ‘Am I good enough?’ while looking at someone else, then stop. You can take inspiration from others and be motivated to do well in your life, but you should not try to imitate others and make them your idols. Remember, if you want to live a happy life, you have to be pleased with your choices. Look inside and make your self-esteem grow. There is no right or wrong way – it’s your life and your way. Choose how you want it to look.

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If you want a great life, then start by building up the good. Look outside as you sip your morning coffee. Enjoy life. Be grateful that you are living right now and enjoying the scenery. Now, look inside and try to eject out any negative feeling that you might be having. They are all in the past – they have no influence on you now. Choose to be happy in the smallest of things – don’t aim from grandness. You will always fall short.

So, be happy with the little things and keep your focus on being grateful – find the balance in your life. New Moons are known for new beginnings, so start anew. Have a happy New Moon in May.

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