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May Will Turn Out Worst For These Zodiac Signs

By Souls of Silver

May will be a slow and steady month. It tries to bring harmony in your life and gives you the time to look inside and examine your life properly. Well, while it does sound quite rosy – it isn’t. At least not for everybody.  For some zodiac signs, May will be quite a struggle. Due to the different planets moving around and coming into alignments, like Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus, the fire and air zodiac signs might have some trouble coming to them. But three zodiac signs will have one of their worst periods in May. So, they should try to remain calm, be careful as they go through this period and be open. This is how the zodiac signs will be affected in May – so, be aware:

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You have been working hard for a long time and so, now it is time to rest. You must recharge your batteries or else they will lose all their power leaving your fatigued. Plus, Venus, Uranus, Mercury and the Sun are all active in your chart. Each planet will influence you in some way. While you are resting, you might be engaging yourself in a bit of spiritual work or just take a long break from everything. That is fine – remember the planets are actually looking out for you. Whatever you are feeling right now is a way to free yourself from karmic debt. So, start recharging your battery so that when the time comes, you can tackle life with courage and power.


The previous months had been terrible. You felt like the ground underneath has just disappeared and you are always falling into something. You almost feel numb as you drop down this dark abyss. Nothing affects you anymore. It has been hard but it’s all for a reason. You have to celebrate the fact that you have come quite far and you really had the courage to do so. The planets Venus, Mercury and Uranus are coming in your eighth house that deals with death, sex and transformation, so, it’s clear that you are slowing entering the transformation phase. So, be ready to rise like a phoenix.

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Home is where you need to be. It’s also where you would like to be. But are you at home? The planets Venus, Mercury and Uranus are active in your house of family and home. A lot is going to happen in this area – especially in relation to your physical and emotional self. Your core is undergoing a transformation. It’s also a time to reflect on yourself. It’s possible that you do not find any stability in your foundation right now. But search and find that balance. It will help you find that glory.

May is all about looking inside, gaining a bit of energy and finding that much-needed security. So, don’t let May slip away as the ‘worst’ month. It actually does bring some transformative energy. Let it course through you.

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