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The Upcoming February Mercury Retrograde Can Cause Internal Conflict Between Your Mind And Heart

By Souls of Silver

We are well into the new year and January is coming to an end. As we are moving to the second month of the year, the cosmic energies are coming from all over the place and coming in strong. You can already feel the depression in the air. Do you know what it is? Yes, we are heading for another Mercury Retrograde.

The Mercury Retrograde this time will happen on 16th February. The effects of this Retrograde will continue till around 9th or 10th of March. It’s going to cause some turmoil. The Retrograde is scheduled to begin in constellation Pisces and conclude in Aquarius. So, there’s going to be a lot in it for us.

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As usual, the Retrograde is going to make us a little bit emotional. However, it will not be as bad as you might be thinking. You will be more open during this period and also be very honest. You won’t be concerned about little things like ‘What would someone else think if I do this?’ Rather, you will be more independent and work on the rough patches in your life.

The problem with the Mercury Retrograde this time is that there are no fixed stars that will come in conjunction with Mercury. The Moon itself will be on a powerful star present in the Heart of the Scorpion.

Mercury RetrogradeThe Moon will square Mercury and that means debates will ensue between your heart, that is your feelings, and your mind, that is your thoughts. If you feel something and feel strongly about it, your logical side would start questioning it, resulting in your indecisiveness.

The February Mercury Retrograde will keep you open and honest as you share your feelings. However, the messages you receive can be a bit rushed. Parochialism and moodiness can be at an all-time high and thus lead to plenty of disagreements. It can become so high that it can lead to the breaking of intimate relationships. While it is not healthy to think about what others would think of you, you should be wary of your partner’s thoughts. 

Since this is going to be a tumultuous period, you should reflect and think about the best. Relax – step back. Progress when the Retrograde is over. Study your situation properly before taking the leap.

The Mercury Retrograde will not be as strong as its usual self. It will have the opposite effect. So, you can heave a sigh of relief. Be consistent in your emotions and don’t lose yourself in daydreaming. If you keep your mind active, things will be better. 

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You might do stuff which you would never have thought of doing before. And that will make people question you. It might even seem like an intervention. Just be grounded during this phase.

Remember, you have gone through many Mercury Retrogrades. This Mercury Retrograde will not be as tough as you think it will be. Stay strong.

Spread this message to your friends and make them aware of the effects of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.



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