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Crystals For Taurus Season: Be Grounded

By Souls of Silver

The Sun moved into Taurus on the 20th of April waving good-bye to the season of Aries. The season of Taurus reminds us of being aware in the moment of our senses as well as our bodies.

Taurus season is termed as the high time for forward-movement and prosperity. Hence, it is vital that one should be able to gather as much positive energy as one can using one form of external help – crystals.

Taurus is quite prone to be stubborn. But this stubbornness can prove to be very useful in keeping our heads locked on our goals. Using the powers of crystals to harness the energy of the universe is extremely beneficial for us. Here are some crystals for the season of Taurus which are bound to assist you: –


This is a stone which has exquisite qualities of being other-worldly and earthy. The green color of this stone is representative of the connection it represents with flowers, trees, and Mother Nature. It is an excellent stone to cleanse yourself from electronic rays in case your screen time is high.

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Usage: Malachite is the embodiment of the wood energy in Feng shui. This energy brings us abundance, promotes vitality, and enables us to grow physically – making it flawless for the season of Taurus. Having a piece of this magical rock in any place where you start a new task can ensure success.


The earthy energy of the sign of Taurus helps us draw the solid groundwork to base our success on. It helps us to plan the right way. Chrysoprase makes itself the most flawless companion to the earthy and solid energy of the Taurus. Alexander III of Macedon called upon the healing properties of this stone during the quests he undertook to dominate the planet.

Usage: This crystal is excellent for helping you focus on upcoming goals. Meditating with two of these, one stone in each of our hands is going to allow the energy from the stones to unify with our being. It helps us connect with our heart and repair any troubles we may have emotionally.

Petrified Wood

The creation of this stunning stone is quite remarkable in itself as it is formed when quartz grows on the wood. This stone can find its use in bringing very potent Earth power to us.

Usage: This rock is rich with the wisdom of Mother Nature and the restorative power she has upon our lives. Grasp petrified wood and feel the earthy energy transcend onto you. It is also useful when you are motivated inside.


Howlite has potent anxiety-reducing effects on us in addition to its calming effects as well. It can prove to be vital in situations which demand us to keep our calm and cool, whilst helping us maintain focus.

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Usage: It is extremely useful to use Howlite in order to practice self-love and get a good night’s sleep. Holding this crystal whilst chanting a mantra can prove to be a very useful nighttime routine. If necessary, really focus on your chants and repeat them if you feel like it. Chant something like: “I am one with the pure energy of the cosmos”. Connect with the stone.

Which rock are you considering getting this Taurus season?

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