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May Forecast: Expect The Unexpected

By Souls of Silver

This is the month of Uranus, the planet that can turn everything upside down without batting an eye! The actions of Uranus can be very unpredictable and you will have to deal with the chaos for a while now. The May Forecast shows that you must expect a lot of adventure this month. You will step out of your comfort zone and do a lot of new things which will transform you as a person.

Uranus is all about activities. You will feel like life itself has become a roller coaster ride and every day is a whole new challenge. While all may sound scary, the Taurus New Moon on May 4 will give you the opportunity to work on your relationships and strengthen them.

Mercury will enter the zone of Taurus on May 6 and remain there till May 21. During this time, you will focus on your professional commitments, finances, and work relationships. You should mark the date May 8 and May 9 on your calendars right now. This meeting time between Uranus and Mercury will particularly be a time of turmoil and you will need immense patience to deal with the rapid changes. The almost arbitrary turn of events can catch you off guard. Be prepared.

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You have a lot on your plate right now – people, projects, and personal bonds. Uranus and Venus will meet by super-conjunction on May 18 and will remain till May 21. You will be bombarded with new offers, interesting connection, and life-altering perspectives. Make the most of it.

At the same time, Mercury trines Saturn and Pluto, making things intense and giving you a lot of confidence. This emotionally charged period will give you clarity. Simultaneously, the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon will add to the complications, making it an emotionally challenging month. On 21st May, there will a flurry of social commitments which may open new avenues.

The end of the month according to the May forecast will see things settling down at a slow but steady pace. You might have a lot of fun but there is a chance of a massive heartbreak too. Mars sextiles Uranus on May 22nd and you must mentally be ready to deal with surprises.

While you are dealing with the challenges and activities of the month of May, remember that the retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto are working in tandem with the South Node in Capricorn. You will get a blast from the past that will help you reconnect with your roots and feel connected.

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Venus and Mercury will come in contact with Neptune. This means a general air of self-doubt and lack of clarity. You will, however, manage to find magic in the mundane and be happy. The chaotic beginning has prepared you for the stable life that awaits. The planets will work in your favor and you will be transformed by the end of May.

Remember that change is the only constant.

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