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Saturn Retrograde: Time To Look Inside

By Souls of Silver

This year, on the 29th of April, Saturn has already gone retrograde and will remain so until the 18th of September, 2019. The energy that Saturn will radiate now is to prompt us to learn lessons, hold ourselves responsible for the actions we undertake and use all of the potentials we have.

Saturn is the planet which carries the powers of hard work, law and order, groundedness, and discipline. Saturn has the potential to bring forth the very best in our personalities by being the stern custodian of our energies.

Capricorn is the favorite Zodiac of Saturn, it is already harnessing the energy that 2019 retrograde has brought upon the universe. Now is the time to take one look at the past and reflect on our mistakes so as to never commit them ever again.

Take some time to reflect on your life since the last year after September. The time since then until now is critical to the Saturn Retrograde. Introspecting your actions in this timeframe will assist you in developing an understanding as to the lessons that Saturn has been trying to inculcate.

Do you feel content and joyful with all that you have gained in the timeframe?

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Taking Responsibility

Saturn is compelling us to really take the full responsibility of all the actions that we undertake and do our very best with whatever life throws at us.

It compels us to grab all the positivity around us and absolutely own the vibration that is resonating in our life. We should believe in the fact that through ways which might be unknown to you, our soul, our thoughts, and the goal we have has led to this moment.

All that happens with us, around us, and away from us has value in it, the value lies in what it teaches us. One might notice, the best lessons in life were learned from the most awful incidents.

Saturn is compelling us to introspect our own selves. It is compelling us to quit the judgment and the projections we convey onto others. We must be the owners of our energy as well as our very choices. One must acknowledge how their actions have shaped their life.

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All the things that we do today are leading up to something. Every minute decision that we make this minute is leading up to something that will compound in our future.

We are not in control of everything that is coming for us, but we are in control of ourselves. How we deal with the situations is in our control. We control our destiny.

Saturn Retrograde

The energy of Saturn Retrograde shows that the things which happen, happen for our being, not to our being. Accepting this reality of life will unlock a whole new perspective on life to us. It will show us that life is forever attempting to guide us, teach us, and lead the way.

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Think about where you stand today. Remember the actions which led you to be in the position that you are in today. Hold yourself responsible for all the good that you have as well as all the bad that you have. Your life is your very own responsibility.

It is with every second, every minute, every hour, and every day that we can think and be productive. Every day is just another chance to bring out the very best in our being, in other individuals, and the planet.

We get one life, but many chances to truly bring about a change. It can change the life of several generations to come even after we are gone. Use this chance and never ever give up.

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