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Mars Going Out Of Bounds: Prepare For A Personality Change

By Souls of Silver

On 20th April, Mars will be going ‘out of bounds’ and will stay so till 12th June. Generally, when planets tend to go out of their bounds, they will start sending off certain types of energy which will be quite different than what they usually do. The qualities that define them become more prominent and you will start to feel like the energy is getting doubled up during this period. Some of the characteristics that Mars has is direction, assertiveness, courage, ambition, heroic, fighting, push, and forcefulness. So, what are the effects that Mars has on us when it is going out of bounds?

Mars Out Of Bounds In Gemini

Mars will begin in Gemini but the ‘out of bound’ energy will become powerful when it enters Cancer. The Sabian Symbol is like an unfurled and furled flag which is set on display from a vessel. It means that we might need to change flags – that is, think deeply about our orientation and whether we need to change it. Mars in Gemini can have an extreme side as well – argumentative, a bit enchanting, flirtatious, as well as roguish. It will get sarcastic and frank without really caring about whether it is hurting someone. It might be because it is confused inside but when Mars is out of bounds in Gemini – we become a charmer with a menace.

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Mars In Cancer

On 19th May, Mars will be crossing Cancer and this brings about a transformation in our mood. When Mars is in Cancer, it becomes poetic and dreamy – often becoming too clingy and sensitive and drawing beauty from its surroundings in a way to escape the cruel world. He’s upset and will tend to go down the passive-aggressive lane at times. Mars is generally masculine in nature, but this time, it goes through a little bit of tweaking.


A New Look At Drama

If we are lucky, we might escape some conflict with friends or family. But when Mars goes out of bounds in Cancer, there can be some drama looking your way. You want your feeling to come out but you should first consider whether being direct with someone can hurt them or not. We must put ourselves in the feet of others to actually make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong – think about it properly before taking action.

It’s a trait of Mars when it is out of bounds to become a kind of bully who wants to dominate. It does not like to listen. Especially in Cancer, it tries to become assertive, which causes a paradox. Be aware that Mars can be quite secretive but it enjoys conflict. However, there is something positive that can come out of this too. A bit of conflict is necessary if you are trying to get rid of toxic relationships. So, cut them off now.

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The Sabian Symbol of this alignment can get tricky. Once we are committed to a friendship or relationship, we do not look forward to getting out of it that easily. But when Mars is at Cancer 1 and is out of bounds, it is not leaving without seeing it resolved.

So, be prepared to reorient yourself with Mars going out of bounds. Think before you leap.

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