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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: Great Energy Changes Ahead

By Souls of Silver

On the 2nd of July, 2019, we will experience a complete solar eclipse. Even though not much of it will be visible in places like South America, those who are vulnerable to the changes that follow will sense the enormous shift in energy that will take place.

Added to all this, a New Moon coincides with the eclipse so it automatically becomes ten times more intense than usual.

The solar eclipse can be located at ten degrees and thirty-eight minutes of Cancer. Those who are ruled by Libra, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer will be especially affected by its power. From July 13th of last year, we’ve witnessed a series of eclipses of which this is a part and we can expect more till 2020 whenever we near the areas around Capricorn and Cancer.

When these heavenly bodies move around, they leave a slew of changes in their wake which often feel like they’re too much to bear. Though they’re helping you move forward, the speed and intensity can overwhelm you. Next month’s eclipse is focused on ideas like security and authority.

A new beginning opens up to you with every New Moon. When the Moon comes out of its position between the Sun and the Earth and shows its face again, take the time to reach out to the cosmos and find the path that the stars have mapped out for you. The light of the cosmos will shine through you just like it shines from the Moon. With all this coming up, it is no wonder that a New Moon solar eclipse is an important time according to all astrological charts.

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Time To Strategize

During the Moon’s interaction with the Sun, concentrate on the self. Your mind will be clearer than ever so you’ll be able to find solutions you had missed earlier. With all the new doors that will open in this period, you’ll need to start preparing for what is to come. Reflect on your day to day activities and let go of those which are simply a waste of time.

Write down what your ambitions are to help you become inspired. Inculcating true discipline will also help you understand that this isn’t much of a sacrifice if you manage to reach your goals in the end.

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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The entry of Uranus into this conjunct between the Sun and the Moon ensures that you have all the opportunities necessary to be adventurous. Explore this feeling of freedom and creativity so that you can express your emotions more clearly than ever before. Try out new tasks, make friends and stay open to all that life is willing to give you.

Just don’t end up stuck in that same old rut you’ve been in all year. Actively search for knowledge and for the people capable of stimulating your intelligence. Even if this makes your daily schedule more difficult to manage, the excitement of all that you will learn will show you your own self-worth and that is more valuable than any difficulty you’ll face.

Be Prepared

There’ll be a lot of new things coming your way but you can’t predict when, how, where and in what form. Just stay open to all possibilities because if you try to define them, you’re only going to end up making mistakes and letting opportunities slide.

A lot of things are also going to change on the inside that you’ll find surprising. Welcome this transformation as well because this great cosmic shift will most probably result in something beautiful.

So are you ready for the change?

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