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Let’s Welcome The Pisces Season With Introspection

By Souls of Silver

Did you manage to stick to your new year resolutions? If not, the 2020 Pisces season will provide you with renewed enthusiasm and a burst of energy. The Pisces season begins on February 19th and will bring many positive changes. It will last till March 20th, so gear up for a month full of introspection and retrospection.

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You will ask yourself why something did not go the way you wanted it to and figure out what weighs you down. Once you know what has hindered your progress, you will let them go one by one. You will emerge as a stronger and more sensible version of yourself no matter what sign you belong to. During this period, the sun will be in the house of Pisces and you will dive deep into things. You will not limit yourself to the outward appearances but will find the hidden meanings. You will realize all that glitters is not gold and stop investing your time on such things. 

Pisces season

To build the kind of life you want, you need to surround yourself with people who help you grow. You cannot waste your precious energy on being mad at someone or crying over spilled milk. Cut off connections that contribute nothing but negativity in your life and let go of things that make you feel miserable. Choose wisely and focus on a few things. 

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With the Mercury retrograde around the corner, you will be in touch with your emotions. Make this period of vulnerability your greatest strength and move forward. Pisces season is also one of forgiveness. It is a good time to forgive people but don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Keep calm and don’t make hasty decisions.

Go with your gut feeling and bring about positive changes in your life this Pisces season!

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