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Jupiter Retrograde: Looking Back Into Your Journey

By Souls of Silver

Jupiter, the planet of expansiveness and abundance was in its home sign, Sagittarius, since the month of November 2018. It is a positive energy and helps to magnify many aspects of our lives. It shows us different aspects of events by adding an optimistic perspective so that we can get a clear vision and understanding of our lives. This is one of the reasons why Jupiter is referred to as the lucky planet. However, on 10th April, Jupiter will enter retrograde.

Looking Back

When Jupiter goes into its retrograde stage, it is time for all of us to look at our journey up till now and assess it properly. It is time to step back and look at how far we have come and what presents did Jupiter offer to us along the way. Plus, during this retrograde season, we will be opening ourselves to different possibilities and receive rewards that we deserve. With the retrograde, we can use the expansiveness of Jupiter to gain a new perspective of the past that we have come through. There may have been darker times in the past, but now, we will be able to derive some positivity out of it. And most importantly, we can learn something from the past which will help us grow.

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Being Lazy

If you have been lazy during your journey, then Jupiter is going to show it to you too. While it is important to destress yourself at times, laziness is not an option. It is also quite easy to fall in a pattern of continuous laziness that will only result in losing the sense of our purpose. This might result in self-loathing and guilt. Laziness generally occurs when we are not motivated enough to do what we want. As a result, we lose our purpose in life. And it need not just be lazing on the couch. We can be lazy by not taking proper decisions and delaying out events when we have the chance to do it now. Plus, sometimes laziness can be enforced by external events and our reactions to it. If things don’t turn out to be the way we expected it to, then we feel like life has lost all meaning and there is no sense in doing anything now or ever.

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Trust The Planets

Sometimes, life does deal us a cruel hand and during these periods, we tend to have these existential thoughts tormenting us. Sometimes, it’s alright to reassess our choices in life and also to be lazy. But we should not fall in this kind of thinking that life has no meaning. We are creative and can create our own meaning in life. Don’t let this time go to waste. If you think that you lack the inspiration, then start by trusting the planets. Jupiter retrograde is just the kind of energy you need. It will show you the areas in which you need to work and let the energy flow right through to inspire you better. All you need to do is let the energy be a part of you.

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Jupiter will be moving out of the retrograde state on 11th August so you will have a bit of time to use this energy. Start seeing the positive in every experience and work with them. Change your routine if you have to and find your purpose in life. Breathe in the energy and align yourself with the truth.

Jupiter Retrograde Exercise

You can do an exercise to make the Jupiter retrograde more insightful. All you have to do is make a time frame of the last six months or so. Now, list 10-20 great things that may have happened during this time. Then, think about 1-2 challenging aspects that took place. Examine what lessons you drew from this period. If you don’t find any, it’s completely all right. Next up, think of the positive elements that you could draw from these events and when you have 1-3 such positive elements in your hand, integrate them in your daily life. Integrating them will make this retrograde much more positive.

Let the energy of Jupiter become a part of you during this period. Assess your journey and grow through it.

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