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Hunter Full Moon: Rituals For Crystal Healing

You might be hunting for different things this season, like money or love, the hunter full moon will help you strike with success.

The Hunter Full Moon in October is strong and stunning and its vibrations will power you up. We will help you discover the true meaning of the Hunter Full Moon and discuss the several advantages of doing crystal healing rituals.

The crystal that aligns with the Hunter Full Moon in 2021 is Serpentine. This is the stone of the wise snake predator. You need to get these gems ready for the upcoming lunar month.

Hunter Full Moon: When Is It?

Hunter Full Moon is expected to peak on the 20th of October, 2021. The exact timing will depend on your location. You need to check the Lunar Time and Date website to know more about the timings in your region.

Hunter Full Moon: Spiritual Meaning Behind It.

The Lunar Moons are named after seasonal activities, which are based on colonial and Native American civilization. The animals had become fattened after eating in spring and summer, therefore, October was the best time to hunt these animals. These animals were plump but the hunters needed to slaughter them so that the meat could be preserved all through the winter.

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October Full Moon goes by different names like Travel Moon, Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon, and Dying Grass Moon.

The Hunter Full Moon is all about capturing your dreams and aspirations during the lunar month spanning from the 20th of October to the 19th of November. 

You need to get up and grab your desires with full force. It is not about planning, gathering, or reflecting. You already had time to do that in the last months. Now you must be in full hunter mode. You are meant to manifest your goals into physical reality.

If you are planning to hunt for a business venture, then you should start visiting the banks and drawing up the contracts to start the transactions. You need to rile up the customers by being present everywhere.

If you are looking for a relationship, then do not stand idle and passively hope for your lover to arrive. You need to get up and start making conversations. Initiate a date and get busy to start your own family. You need to make it a physical reality instead of just daydreaming in your head.

hunter full moon

What Are Moon Crystals?

There are three mighty Moon crystals: Selenite, Labradorite, and Moonstone. They harmonize with the frequencies of the moon and you must use them during all the lunar events.

Moonstone: This is the first moon crystal and is the staple one for all the practices. This stone aligns strongest with the Full Moon as its bright qualities will guide you ahead. Moonstone can hold the power of a million moons and will deliver it to your palms.

Labradorite: This dark stone is full of moon magic and flashes with rainbows. It aligns with the New Moon and will help you look for new beginnings. Use this stone wisely and be guided by the spirits and angels.

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Selenite: This stone is named after Selene and glows with a white sheen. It aligns with the crescent moon and protects your aura through the journeys in life. Use Selenite and keep hope that the world will work in your favor because miracles do come true.

Some Crystal Rituals That You Can Follow In The Hunter Full Moon

1: Gather Your Moon Crystals and cleanse them. Charge these crystals under the full moon and program them properly with your intentions. 

2: Arrange the crystals in a mandala formation. Create art with your stones and keep them under the moonlight for charging.

3: Everyone reveres the Moon for its crystal powers. You need to grab your Selenite, Moonstone, or Labradorite ball and practice crystal ball gazing under the lunar moon.



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