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Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side During This February Mercury Retrograde

By Souls of Silver

Before we know it, another Mercury Retrograde is almost upon us. It initiates on 16th February, bringing forth a whole host of changes.

Mercury Retrograde

A Retrograde is simply the backward movement of a planet from where we see it. This means that the planet might not actually be moving in that way- it simply appears to be so. A planet usually goes Retrograde once in a year, but Mercury turns Retrograde quite a few times a year. This year, it is onto us in February, which will throw everything we know about Mercury out of the window.

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Mercury Retrograde usually has a storm and a shadow period attached to it. The shadow period begins when the planet hits the zodiac it is turning Direct in and concludes at the zodiac it is about to turn Retrograde in. But with Mercury, the maximum effect that we face is during the storm period. This period is characteristically slow, with the movement of about 40 minutes per day. And let us tell you, Mercury hates slowing down like this.

mercury retrograde

  • The Retrograde starts on 16th February (7:54 PM ET) and ends on 9th March (11:48 PM ET).
  • It goes to Retrograde again in Aquarius on 4th March at 7:07 AM ET with the shadow period being 2nd February – 29th March.
  • The first storm period is 13th – 21st February and the next one is 6th – 13th March.

Effects Of Mercury Retrograde

When a Mercury Retrograde hits us first, we find it quite difficult to focus. We simply believe that we have no idea how to concentrate on a particular object, while our imagination runs wild. Now, that would be useful if we didn’t have anything else to concentrate upon- but we do. So, it is up to us to try tethering ourselves to reality.

Mercury Retrograde also makes us extremely sensitive and easily wounded by words and actions. Or, we might just put in so many boundaries that it gets tough for us to connect with someone else. On the other hand, we may also turn extremely ruthless with no boundaries. So it is important that we have established boundaries in place.

Since this Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces, it is important to get in touch with our spiritual side. This will help us focus on our spiritual endeavors, and considering Pisces’ ability to delve with the higher realms, we might hit the jackpot!

We need to be extra cautious when Mercury Retrograde hits Aquarius for that involves bringing in all the air signs under its fold. It may make us rebellious, rejecting authority and working on our own whims, which does us no benefit. So, keep those impulses under control for the time being.

With Aquarius ruling over our social connections, you can expect certain changes- you may have falling outs with people or you may simply not have any idea if new people are barging into your lives. You can lead those around you or get lost in the crowd too.

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But, most importantly, while unorthodox thinking is useful, you need to make sure that you don’t consider a square to be a circle and work in that manner. Stay close to the objective and implement tiny changes where you see fit.

Aspects Of The Retrograde In Aquarius And Pisces

This Retrograde will see Mercury make three aspects-

  1. A Conjunction with the Sun on 25th February.
  2. A sextile with the planet Mars in zodiac Capricorn in February.
  3. A sextile with the planet Uranus in zodiac Taurus in February.

Mercury Retrograde And The February New Moon

When Pisces heralds the New Moon on the 23rd, it is going to be in the same sign as the Mercury Retrograde. This will enable us to feel the effects of both the New Moon and the Mercury Retrograde in a major way. It remains to be seen if you can make full use of that in your pursuits.

The Mercury Retrograde can be a tough patch of time, but this too shall pass.

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